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Analyzing habits - Walking everyday


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Summary of interviews conducted with 5 persons concerning how they acquired the habit of walking daily.

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Analyzing habits - Walking everyday

  1. 1. ANALYZING HABITSWALKING EVERYDAY Elie Noune 10/10/2012 Stanford university
  2. 2. Interviews (5) 5/5 walk outdoors!5/5 walk by themselves 0/5 after 9pm
  3. 3. Pattern: 3/5 walk to... ...take a... relax my break from It feels body work good! Luchnos, 28 Tania, 25 Sean, 24
  4. 4. How did it become a habit? (1) It’s always been, I I moved to aused to do it with city, and walking my father is a thrill! Environment
  5. 5. How did it become a habit? (2) “I found that I work better after a walk”
  6. 6. Some sequences“1. I wake up 2. I drink coffee 3. I brush my teeth 4. I get dressed 5. I take the stairs 6. Walk to the train”“1. I wake up 2.have breakfast 3.walk 4.come back home 4.shower 5.get dressed 6.leave to work” “1. Get off three-four stops before destination(home or work) 2. Walk 3. Arrive in destination”
  7. 7. CONTACTElie Noune, Stanford University@elinoonelienoune@gmail.com650-556-4368