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Published in: Education, Technology, Business
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  1. 1. Could something dissolved in the SnakeRiver have caused the fish kill?
  2. 2. These attractions makeit possible for water todissolve lots of differentthings.Polar molecules attracted to otherpolar molecules or ioniccompoundsDissolving NaCl (table salt) video
  3. 3. No positive or negative ends]Nonpolar dissolves in nonpolarPolar dissolves in polarRule: “Like dissolves Like”Nonpolar compounds
  4. 4. Why does sugar dissolve in waterbut not in cooking oil?
  5. 5. Solubility of SolidsWill more sugar dissolve in 1 Liter of wateror 2 Liters of water?Will more sugar dissolve in cold water orhot water?
  6. 6. Solubility curveShows how much solutewill dissolve in a givenamount of water at a certaintemp.
  7. 7.  How muchpotassium nitratewill dissolve at 60degrees Celsius in100 ml of water? How muchpotassium nitratewill dissolve at 60degrees Celsius in200ml of water? At what temperaturecan you dissolve 220gof potassium iodide in100ml of water?
  8. 8. As temperature increases, whathappens to the solubility of solids?As temperatureincreases, solubility ofsolids increases.
  9. 9. Solubility of gasesHow much Oxygenwill dissolve at 40degrees Celsius in100 ml of water?At what temperaturecan you dissolve 1.0mM of CarbonMonoxide in water?
  10. 10. Solubility of gasesAs temperatureincreases, thesolubility ofgases decreases“Warm pop goesflat faster!”