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  1. 1. Target Our target are the young boys and girls who’re going to contemplate the PoliMi as their future univerity. The aim of the game is to teach some basic elements of fashion’s history and to give an idea of the projects that are done in the ateneum by a funny and catching process.
  2. 2. Story The story is presented in the in-game description by a storyboard. The player learns that the evil Mr Kitsch is ruining the present times by messing up the works of the most famous fashion icons of the past. Every player is called by the Fashion Queen to pick an age between 20s, 50s, 60s and 80s and help the most famouse fashion icons to solve a problem created by Mr Kitsch. E’ la settimana della moda a Milano e tutto procede come dovrebbe tra sfilate e party esclusivi , quando improvvisamente...
  3. 3. Story PUFF
  4. 4. Story Ma cosa sta succedendo?!! le sfilate sono diventate terribilmente kitsch...gli aabiti hanno perso la loro eleganza... Help the fashion queen and the fashion icons of passed years to beat the evil Mr.Kitsch! Choose one of the 4 ages and fight to save the various styles and gain the title of “fashion paladin”!
  5. 5. story Rules Tasks: in every route a team can choose there are 13 stops. The first is the starting point and it’s the same for every player. In every age there are 3 fashion icons, before each one of them there are 3 tasks, here the players will have to answer a question and they’ll get skill and character points based on their answers. Goal: The game is team competitive. Players are divided in teams. Every team has to pick a role and complete specific tasks to reach the end of the route where there are character points and skill points gainable. The game has a 50 minutes time limit, at the end of the time the team with the best score will won. the 4 roles are simply the age a player choose to go in.
  6. 6. Skills: every team start with a skill related to the first icon they have to reach. For every correct answers related to that character they’ll get skill points based on how well they answered. Reaching the icon will unlock for them a newskill needed to take the following tasks related to another icon. The first 3 tasks will give 10 skill points for each correct answer, the following 3 will give 20 points and the last 30 points. This way player who start bad can more easely chatch up with the other beacause skill values are used to fight enemy player. Rules
  7. 7. Rules levels: Other than skill points a correct answer gives also 10 character points for every correct answer. After a certain namber of points the player will upgrade to a further level. Every player starts as a “stagista“ and the upgrades are: - 30 points: “assistente“ - 60 points: “cool hunter“ - 90 points: “stilista“ - 120 points: “fashion master“ Character points determinate who’ll win the match. Another way to get them is to fight and win enemy players.
  8. 8. Map General
  9. 9. Map ‘20s route
  10. 10. Map ‘50s route
  11. 11. Map ‘60s route
  12. 12. Map ‘80s route
  13. 13. Characters
  14. 14. Characters ‘20s Greta Garbo, Rodolfo Valentino e Gabrielle Chanel
  15. 15. Characters ‘50s Yves Saint Laurent, Audrey Hepburn e Denny Zucco
  16. 16. Characters ‘60s Twiggy, John Lennon e Andy Warhol
  17. 17. Characters ‘80s Twiggy, John Lennon e Andy Warhol
  18. 18. Characters Mr Kitsch e Fashion Queen
  19. 19. Characters Making-of
  20. 20. GREL Giulia Laguzzi,Riccardo Gioria, Elisa Codazzi, Lorenzo Rizzoni