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College Education Presentation

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  • College Education is something we all have in common. We’re here at AIU to obtain a College Degree and to accomplish personal goals. This presentation is important to me because in the past I have struggled with making a commitment to obtain a College Degree. I hope that this allows you to push yourself when the things gets tough and that this be an influence on others with the same struggles.
    *This presentation is ideal for any student or person who has thought about obtaining a College Education, but something has stopped them.
    *I chose this picture because I felt it simply showed how we all feel when we complete our College Education. Proud and just want to put it up as high as it can go.
    (©2010 Google, 2010)
  • (Read each bulletin then each note notes)
    -We all know what it’s like to make ends meet. We wait for a raise or look for a better job, but if we have a degree, its possible to be offered more money.
    -There are thousands of colleges in the world and each have many different programs that will appeal to anyone’s interest.
    -Having to make the dedication to be responsible and go to class allows you to have a stable routine day, instead of possibly being unproductive.
    -So many students these days are the only ones from their families graduating high school and college. It’s a great way to set an example of how you want to be different and accomplish your goals.
    -When applying for jobs sometimes we look around and there are 5 other people in a waiting room, but maybe they don’t have a degree of any sort, and you do. The interviewer will see that you have the educational background, responsibility, dedication in you as a person.
  • There’s a point in time people make excuses. It can be because they are naive or lazy. Sometimes making excuses become contagious and you find yourself making them for everything. Education is one of them. Many people have chose not to go onto college for numerous reasons like: not having money to pay for college, the time to commit because of work or family, and not sure what career field they want to be in. I feel those numerous reasons are actually excuses, there are options. Education is important and can help form who you are and allow you to create success.
  • Option 1
  • Colleges aren’t free for everyone so it can cause a roadblock, but don’t stop there. We have (read bulletins) then followed by notes after each
    -Student loans come in 3 different types of loans: Student loans,(Which consist of Safford and Perkins) Parent Loans, consists of Plus loans and Private Student Loans which is an alternative student loan. 65.6% of students who are attending college for a 4 year degree can’t afford to pay for college without financing, so yes they have reached out and taken advantage of these options.
    -There are 1.5 million scholarships out there that students can try and get totaling over 3.4 Billion Dollars. They are not like student loans, which have to be repaid, but they do have specific qualifications like: academic, athletic, and artistic talent.
    -This educational cost benefits you and a company. Some companies like their employees to be up to date with certain programs. If there is a program they want you to take, some pay for you to take it because then you are in tune with new information and are more of an asset . If you took the program pervious to being hired, sometimes they will still reimburse you.
  • Option 2.
  • Not having the time to commit to college is an excuse because there are ways to achieve your goals. (Read bulletins) followed by notes
    -It might take you a little longer to complete you degree, but your still able to keep your other commitments. Most programs at Colleges allow you to be a part-time or full-time student. You would have the benefit of having less than 12 credit hours per semester if you were part time.
    -Night classes are the best for someone who holds a day job, raises a family during the day, and has other responsibilities.
    -We all have this in common! There are many online accredited colleges that are formed to fit with our schedules and make it possible to obtain a degree no matter what obligations we have.
  • Option 3
  • There are many programs available at colleges; it can be confusing what field is best for you. Ways we can figure out where to start would be (Read bulletins followed by notes)
    -Job shadowing is the best experience and fun. You get to follow someone in the profession your interested in and really see what goes on. It can help you decide if that’s really what you want to do. Sometimes we are interested in something, but then when we finally see what its truly about, we’re not interested.
    -There are some people who know exactly what they want to do with their lives, and there are others who have no idea. That’s when it’s best to focus on getting the pre-requisites out of the way like English, Math, and Art, and hopefully by that time you’ll know.
    -Student advisors know the college and have years of experience with other students who may have went through the same experiences as you. Talking with them about you future plans and your interests can help them understand you and they can then direct you in the right field.
  • These statistics show that we’re all in debt. No matter what College we went to, we’re all in the same boat. Students have taken the initiative to decide to become a student and get a College Education no matter what excuse they found, they found an option. (FinAid Page, LLC, 2010)
  • There is never a good reason to let life pass you by and not feel good about yourself. These reason’s why people don’t attend college are real and they can easily be worked out if people just had this knowledge and hope. We need to educate people so they realize these excuses are only holding them back. There are ways we can afford to attend college; there is a way to make time for education, and a solution to one day figuring out what career path to chose. The world is we make it and to inspire others to not be scared or naive about college education will open many doors.
    *These images show the questions we have on money, time, and career choice can be done. (©2010 Google, 2010)
  • Don’t be afraid to reach for your goals whatever they might be. Understand education is only there to help you and allow you to become more experienced and an asset.
    -These websites are designed to help you understand some questions you may have. They have forums where you can talk to other students, understand placements in colleges, and all the knowledge you need to make the commitment on College Education.
  • Thompson u4grouppresentation

    1. 1. CollegeCollege EducationEducation EliciaThompsonEliciaThompson Unit 3 PresentationUnit 3 Presentation November 28November 28thth , 2010, 2010 (©2010 Google, 2010)
    2. 2. What’s Important About aWhat’s Important About a College Education?College Education? • Higher SalaryHigher Salary • Career Field of InterestCareer Field of Interest • Creates Stability in Your LifeCreates Stability in Your Life • Set an Example for FamilySet an Example for Family • Different Than Other CandidatesDifferent Than Other Candidates
    3. 3. ExcusesExcuses
    4. 4. OptionOption
    5. 5. How To Pay ForHow To Pay For CollegeCollege • Student LoansStudent Loans (FinAid Page, LLC, 2010)(FinAid Page, LLC, 2010) • ScholarshipsScholarships (FinAid Page, LLC, 2010)(FinAid Page, LLC, 2010) • Tuition Reimbursement from EmployersTuition Reimbursement from Employers (Linda Jenkins, contributor, 1996-2010)(Linda Jenkins, contributor, 1996-2010)
    6. 6. OptionOption
    7. 7. Make theMake the CommitmentCommitment • Become a part-Become a part-timestudenttimestudent (U.S.News & World Report,(U.S.News & World Report, L.P., 2007)L.P., 2007) • Enroll in night classesEnroll in night classes • Attend college onlineAttend college online
    8. 8. OptionOption
    9. 9. Confused on What CareerConfused on What Career Field is Best for You?Field is Best for You? • Job shadowJob shadow (The New York Times Company, 2010)(The New York Times Company, 2010) • Pre-RequisitesPre-Requisites • Student AdvisorsStudent Advisors
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