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2012 Marketing Plan


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Published in: Business, Real Estate
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2012 Marketing Plan

  1. 1. Marketing to B-U-Y-E-R-S  Our goal in 2012 is to focus marketing dollars toward reaching real estate buyers and get them in contact with our agents.  Target Marketing
  2. 2. 2012 Media Types Our media mix includes a variety of marketing targets to reach buyers where and when they may be considering acquiring real estate. 1. Print Media 2. Signage 3. Television 4. Radio 5. Internet 6. In-house Literature
  3. 3. Print Media Newspapers Maps & Directories Local Area Guidebooks
  4. 4. Outdoor Advertising  Billboard Signs  Signage at Property Listings
  5. 5. Television Focus on Local TV stations
  6. 6. Internet MarketingGrowing Segment with Huge Impact & WidestReach Website Listing Syndication Social Media Videos Search Engines Banner Ads
  7. 7. More About Internet Listing Syndication  Social MediaOur company and agents have worked tomaximize our exposure on the major nationalreal estate listing sites including:  Eliason Realty Blog  AOL Real Estate  Like Us on Facebook   Follow Us on Twitter   Visit our Company on  Trulia LinkedIn  Yahoo Real Estate  Visit Us on YouTube  Zillow   and many more
  8. 8. Internet Screen Views –Social Media Pages
  9. 9. In-House Literature  Business Cards  Property Data Sheets / Listing Sheets  Exclusive Property Pamphlets  Listing Booklets  Mailings to customer baseRadio Marketing
  10. 10. Eliason Realty Model Utilize modern technologies but focus marketing on our long-standing values. This is our 50th year and some things we don’t want to change!