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Google picasa


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Published in: Technology, Business
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Google picasa

  1. 1. Megan Elias
  2. 2.  Createdin 2002 by a company called Lifescape Bought by Google in 2004 Goal: To provide young adults(13-30) with a platform to organize, view, and edit their photos while allowing users to publish these photos on their website
  3. 3.  Strengths • Widely known product of Google. • Allows users to easily upload, create and share photos with family and friends on the web. • FREE to use! Weaknesses • Picasa lacks a strong social media presence • Many other competitors
  4. 4.  Currently target ages 13-30Ipropose that they should expand their current demographic to reach 13-50 year olds
  5. 5.  Twitter • Create more enticing content that keeps followers engaged • Strive to make Picasa a trending topic • Keep page updated and interactive Facebook • Keep content updated • Offer a contest for best photo uploaded to the Picasa fan page in order to get users to visit frequently
  6. 6.  Pinterest • Photos are what drive Pinterest • Having a large presence on Pinterest will drive more traffic to the site • “Pin” pictures featuring new Picasa editing tools
  7. 7.  Picasa can use Google Adwords to reach the target demographic of 17-30 year olds Keywords: • “Picasa” • “Photo Editing” • “Photo Share • “Google Picasa”
  8. 8.  Google Picasa App • Created for non-Google operated phones  IPhone, Blackberry, etc. • Allows you to crop, edit, and share your photos from your phone straight to the web.
  9. 9.  Social Media • The amount of traffic and “likes” that the Facebook page receives • Whether or not Picasa becomes a trending topic, and or the number of followers increases Internet Marketing • Number of clicks per advertisement Overall success will be determined by the number of Picasa downloads following the implementation of the new campaign
  10. 10.  The proposed budget is about $1.5 million Social Media(Facebook, Twitter,Pinterest) • The only cost would be for potential contest prizes( > $ 10,000) Internet Marketing • Around $1 million Mobile Marketing • Depending on how intricate the app is… Around $500,000