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SEMrush webinar 2019_SEO Audit


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SEO Audit
Sona Bulgadaryan
SEO Analyst at Agile SEO Israel

Published in: Marketing
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SEMrush webinar 2019_SEO Audit

  1. 1. SEO Audit Sona Bulgadaryan SEO Analyst at Agile SEO
  2. 2. Crawling/Indexing Always do a search and look at the pages that are indexed in Google. You will be surprised. In this example, pages under /fullscreen-page/ directory are blank pages and waste the crawl budget. They seem to be attachment URLs. Actions: • Redirect attachment URLs to a post or page
  3. 3. Currently, the majority of websites are enabled for the mobile-first indexing, even if there is no message in Google Search Console one can know it by looking at the log files. When 70% of the website is crawled using Mobile bot it is clear that the mobile-first indexing is enabled. Ask the developer to get the log files. Log files can be analyzed using various tools such as: • SEMrush • SEOlyzer • Screaming frog • Manually ( Crawling/Indexing
  4. 4. Another way to understand if the mobile first indexing is enabled or not go to Google Search Console -> URL inspection tool and check several pages. Crawling/Indexing If you see that the page was crawled as Googlebot smartphone it means that the mobile first indexing is enabled. Check the documentation for mobile first indexing ( and start fixing items that are relevant to the website. In Robots file there is a sitemap URL for mobile pages Sitemap: which is not live anymore, delete it.
  5. 5. URL Structure Issue: The URL doesn’t match with the title of the page. URLs such as: • • • As an example, the followings are the main and secondary keyword • bad debt recovery [Search Volume: 1,300/mo] • bad debt recovery service [Search Volume: 10/mo] For page -> Anchor text, URL, Title tag, H1 and many others are sources of telling the crawler what the page is about, so when the crawler goes to top navigation menu and sees and anchor text bad debt recovery service clicks the URL and the URL says life-line-accounts-recovery which is not the term that you are targeting in here.
  6. 6. URL Structure Action: Identify main and secondary keywords for each page and start optimizing the page started from the URL. So for example: • Page -> • Keywords • Business Financing Solutions [880] • Actions: • Change and 301 redirect URL to • Write <title> and meta descriptions so the main keyword will be included • Use the keyword inside the H1 tag • Use the keyword inside the content of the page 2-3 times as long as it makes sense. If it is not use the words separately such as business, financing, solutions.
  7. 7. Issue: None of the product pages have H1, H2 or any other headings. Action: Make the title of the page as H1 tag Headings
  8. 8. Website Structure The website seems to be new and until now the terms that were visible to Google are the follow Keyword Position Search Volume business financial solutions pte ltd 11 30 workpro grant 33 10 statutory compliance in accounts 43 70 bizfile company profile 84 10 financial services companies in singapore 15 20 sme financial services 9 10 business protection services 82 20 cfo accounts & services pte ltd 68 20 spring productivity grant 72 30
  9. 9. Website Structure To rank faster the company need to identify keywords that are low or medium competitive and start writing interesting content peaces to rank for those terms. Good example can be to open a resource section and write white-papers, case studies etc. Blog is also a good idea. To structure a blog use the following structure: • Main blog -> [keyword here is Financial Blog [810]] • Categories (Category names should be carefully chosen. They should be very broad and relevant keyword such as Debt Management [22,200]) • • • • • • Post pages •
  10. 10. Responsiveness The website is not responsive and even on desktop version you can move the page left and righ
  11. 11. Canonical Tag Issue: None of the pages have canonical tag. When there is no user-user-declared canonical th Action: • Add self-referencing canonical tag to all pages, so for example page should have the following tag <link rel="canonical" href=“" /> • Add canonical tag to pages that have parameters and point the URL to the main page. So for example in page j37c30ob should have the following tag <link rel="canonical" href=““ />
  12. 12. Brand Search Issue: When searching for the company name 1st result is only the homepage.
  13. 13. Brand Search Best is to have other important pages below the homepage as a menu
  14. 14. Brand Search Action: • Add SiteNavigationElement code to the website by indicating which are the other important pages. • Code example: <ul itemscope itemtype=""> <li itemprop="name"><a itemprop="url" href="">Business Financing Solutions</a></li> <li itemprop="name"><a itemprop="url" href=" financings">Alternative Financings</a></li> <li itemprop="name"><a itemprop="url" href=" troubleshooting">Personal Finance Services</a></li> <li itemprop="name"><a itemprop="url" href=" services">Business Protection Services</a></li> <li itemprop="name"><a itemprop="url" href=" services">Accounting Work Services</a></li> </ul> • Add organization structured data markup, currently, there is no markup.
  15. 15. Rendering Issue: There must be a rendering issue with the website.
  16. 16. Rendering Issue: The screenshot is from screaming frog crawler rendering Action: • Go to • Hit Fetch and Render button • When it finishes check if the crawler could render every piece of the page or not. If it did, then no actions required. If not need to fix the errors so the page will be correctly seen by bots.
  17. 17. Website Speed Issue: Desktop speed looks good but not the mobile one. Note that Google checks the mobile speed using 3G as in many countries 4G is not available. Action: Consider fixing majority of issues that website speed test tool shows. I used Google testing tool as they integrated the lighthouse report with their speed test tool and now we can get more compete overview of the issues and fix them:
  18. 18. Extras Issue: It seems that the main keywords for the homepage are: • cash management [27,100] • capital funding [4,400] If this is correct then here is a recommendation to get the most out of this terms. Actions to implement: • Conduct keyword research around these 2 terms such as: • what is cash management • cash management techniques • cash management process • etc • Design a pillar page about cash management and write a paragraph about a page • Create cluster pages around keywords that you found and link them from the pillar page: • Cluster page should be only informative and not promotional only after the content you may add a CTA or a pop up in order to have a conversion This strategy will help you to rank for many other relevant terms and gain more customers.
  19. 19. Extras
  20. 20. Thank you