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Environmental psychology


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environmental psychology

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Environmental psychology

  1. 1. Environmental psychology is the studyof human behavior in relation to theenvironment neat and defined by man.It is a relatively new field of psychology,but since 1960 there are studies andwork in this area of psychology. Themajority of these works originated inthe recognition of environmentalproblems such as pollution, whichbegan to take center stage in the legaloffices. Elianny Pérez
  2. 2. The psychologist Kurt Lewin (1890-1947) was one of the first to giveimportance to the relationship between humans and the environment. Itsaim was to determine the influence that the environment has on people,the relationships established with him, the way people act, react andorganized as the environment.According to environmental psychology, the environment can be definedas: all contexts in which the subject (eg dwelling houses, offices, schools,roads, etc..) Can be developed by acting more on group behavior individualbehavior.This branch of psychology mainly presents five principles to be taken intoaccount when carrying out any work or research on the basis of thisindustry:Note that the man is able to modify the environment.You need to be present in all contexts of everyday environment.Consider the person and the environment as a single entity, room.The individual acts in the environment and the environment affects theindividual.An investigation or intervention of this kind must always be carried outwith the help of other sciences ...
  3. 3. The art of Feng Shui is a way to mitigate the harmful effectsof environmental imbalance, according to the distributionof the rooms of a house, the essential elements that shouldnot miss, and location objects occupying surrounding itsoccupants in the home or in the workplace.According to this doctrine, the objects based on theirlocation may cause different moods and also help or hinderthe flow of events.The Fen Shui is a Chinese practice that means wind andwater, which seeks to harmonize the surrounding energy, byproviding optimal human constructions.The doctrine of Feng Shui is based on the existence of avital breath or Chi whose flow can be changed according tothe shape and arrangement of space, orientations orcardinal and temporal changes.
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