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WordPress accessibility resources august-2017


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Many resources on WordPress accessibility. Developer and content creator focussed.

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WordPress accessibility resources august-2017

  1. 1. Everything you never dreamed to ask about accessibility of your WordPress Site THE GOOD, THE BAD AND THE MYSTERIOUS ELIANNA JAMES, I BREAK WEBSITES LLC
  2. 2. What’s the issue, really? Web designed for people who can see, hear, move a mouse, perform hand gestures and who think in fairly standard ways What about the millions (estimated 20% of world population) that have some physical or mental limitations? Assistive Technology can fill the gaps ( examples: screen readers/ magnifiers for blind/ visually impaired, keyboards and sip/puff technology for people with physical limitations) All these techs have to “talk” to each other to work properly. It’s a constant process as technology improves/ changes and new technologies are invented. Use of internet and © I BREAK WEBSITES LLC ELIANNA JAMES
  3. 3. has an opinion WordPress Accessibility Coding Standards These are standards that WordPress features should meet for accessibility in order to be merged into core. All new or updated code released in WordPress must conform with the WCAG 2.0 guidelines at level AA. These basic guidelines are intended for easy reference during development, but do not cover all possible accessibility issues. WordPress Accessibility Forum WordPress accessibility plugin © I BREAK WEBSITES LLC ELIANNA JAMES
  4. 4. The Good News re WordPress Themes designed for accessibility Simple = Better A lot of choices Twenty Fourteen 2014 magazine theme © I BREAK WEBSITES LLC ELIANNA JAMES
  5. 5. The Bad News (how well are we doing?) Web (and devices) are everywhere Much of web development has paid little attention to the needs of people who use assistive technology; this is especially true with the more media heavy sites. How do you see a photo if you are blind? How do you hear a video if you are deaf? How do you click a button to buy something if you can’t move a mouse? © I BREAK WEBSITES LLC ELIANNA JAMES
  6. 6. Grey Areas Accessibility is a moving target as browsers, OS and assistive technology changes frequently What is accessible to one person may completely be inaccessible to another Cognitive issues - ADHD, Traumatic Brain Injury (bottom line - care, but not too much. One person’s solution is another person’s failure to comprehend) Unofficial disabilities - ESL, chronic illnesses (96% of those people show no outward signs of their illnesses) Conclusion: do the best you can. Take feedback very seriously. Get a friend or associate who uses assistive technology to test and evaluate. © I BREAK WEBSITES LLC ELIANNA JAMES
  7. 7. How to check your site WAVE Toolbar Free Super Easy to Use with Chrome tool/jbbplnpkjmmeebjpijfedlgcdilocofh?hl=en-US Super Easy to Use with Firefox DEMO © I BREAK WEBSITES LLC ELIANNA JAMES
  8. 8. WordPress Plugins for Accessibility Joe Dolson’s WordPress accessibility Plugin Customizable. Works with many, not all, themes Add skip links. You can define the target location. Add an outline to keyboard focus Add a toolbar (high contrast, large print, grayscale views) Long description to images Enforce use of alt text © I BREAK WEBSITES LLC ELIANNA JAMES
  9. 9. WordPress themes developed for a11y Up to date: 7/6/17: © I BREAK WEBSITES LLC ELIANNA JAMES
  10. 10. Mobile WordPress Themes Mobile ready theme © I BREAK WEBSITES LLC ELIANNA JAMES
  11. 11. Adding accessibility bugs Using your WordPress login go here: Search for an issue similar to the one you detected by testing. If you have additional comments add them. If the issue hasn’t been reported yet then create a new one. DEMO © I BREAK WEBSITES LLC ELIANNA JAMES
  12. 12. Accessibility tips for non-coders Melissa Jean Clark, WordPress website developer If you want to dig deeper use WAVE by WebAim or aXe by deque aXe - a FREE, automated accessibility test tool. (Recommended by the SelectWoo test team on github: Download the tool: © I BREAK WEBSITES LLC ELIANNA JAMES
  13. 13. Join the team Join the Make WordPress Accessible team On Make WordPress Accessible you can find information about the team and the work they do. How you can help: write documentation on WordPress and accessibility; test WordPress themes; report accessibility issues in core and core themes; fix accessibility issues by writing patches If you want to know more, ask your questions in Slack or fill out the form at the teams contact page. © I BREAK WEBSITES LLC ELIANNA JAMES
  14. 14. Resources Make WordPress Accessible: Joe Dolson: Contact me for additional resources. I prefer LinkedIn invites and communicate via LinkedIn most of the time. Any feedback is most appreciated and will make future presentations more useful. elianna james - LinkedIn Profile 720-425-1001 © I BREAK WEBSITES LLC ELIANNA JAMES