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How to make money on pinterest in 3 easy steps


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Looking to make money with the Pinterest? Here are 3 easy steps about how you can work this into your online marketing plan.

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How to make money on pinterest in 3 easy steps

  1. 1. empowernet to make money on Pinterest in 3 easysteps Pinterest is one of the hotest social networks around.Here 3 easy steps on how t o make money on Pint erest .First, this only works if your target market is there. The demographics on Pinterest are typicallywomen who are are into visual stuff. Teachers love to get ideas from Pinterest. Stay at homemoms and work at home moms are also two good target markets.So, if your t arget market is t here… here are the 3 steps on how to make money on Pinterest.1. Build communityBe social and build a community around your niche… what is your niche or target marketMake your boards relate to your niche… is your target market wahm… create titles withdescriptions that will help them. Max out your personal description and specific board descriptions.Social share your boards – Facebook, Twitter, etcSocial bookmark your boards – Digg, StumbleUpon, etc.2. Be complete and activeGreat descriptions – if you post a quote, put the quote in the description……make them personal…make them mini sales page…make them funComment, like, and repinCreate boards with keywords from your business
  2. 2. Mix biz with pleasureBe inspiring – quotes, sayings, beautiful picturesBy the way: Since you seem to have an interest in marketing online, youmight want to know how I got my knowledge!Click here to learn more.Now onto my secret method…3. Secret Business Idea on How to Make Money on PinterestOf course you want to pin from your site (it does have pictures right?)… but maybe you want togather some information first… entice your followers to signup to your list or what have you…Create a doorway page. This is another way to track Pinterest activity. Here is a link t o mydoorway page f or t his post .The doorway page can be like a summary page… Think of it as a carefully designed page beforeyou take them to more information. It should be visually appealing. Put an intro about your blogpost and then a “click more to read the rest of the story.” You can also have a banner or ad or textlink to your affiliate program or product you are selling. Remember this needs to be appealing andencourage click troughs.Maybe you are recommending a book. If you don’t have (or want to have) a blog post about it, usea doorway page to tell folks. Then they can click through to Amazon or what not with your affiliatelink.Be sure to pin your images from your doorway page.So what can you sell? Your products (hard or digital goods), other’s products (again hard ordigital goods), or yourself.No I don’t mean anything kinky here. What I mean about yourself is creating a brand for yourself.Maybe you are in direct sales. Instead of selling your product, you should sell your team.. yoursuccess by working with you.Maybe you are a web designer… you can sell your services… or just sell a special offer.Maybe you offer gigs on Fivver… sell what you can do there.The possibilities are endless. But by having this doorway page on your own website, you are incontrol of your content. You are in control of what goes on that page.You now know how to make money on Pinterest. Let me know how you like this article. By the way… if you subscribe to my updates right
  3. 3. now I’ll send you a new bonus report…. Pinterest Marketing Tools That Will Make You a Pinterest Rockstar.Want to know how I’m using social media sites like Pinterest to make me money so I can continueto stay at home? Click here to learn more.More like How to Make Money on Pinterest:If you like this article, you might also like one I wrote about LinkedIn here.About The Author: elianIm a work at home mom to 2 beautiful boys (I guess Im biased). I run two different businesses andlove helping in my community. I have a passion for "cottage industry" and building community.Connect with me at