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Strategies for agile software test automation


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test automation strategies for agile development

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Strategies for agile software test automation

  1. 1. Strategies for Agile Software Test Automation: An Industrial Experience Eliane Collins, Dr. Arilo Dias-Neto, Dr. Vicente F. De Lucena Jr. STA 2012 Nokia Technology Institute
  2. 2. Agenda1. Introduction2. Process and Tools3. Software Testing Automation Strategies4. Lessons Learned5. Conclusion Instituto Nokia de Tecnologia 1 Nokia Internal Use Only
  3. 3. Nokia TechnlogyIntroduction IntituteINdT – Nokia Technology InstituteIndependent and Nonprofit institutecommitted to conducting research anddevelopment of technological solutionsthrough application development, newtechnologies and concepts. Manaus Recife Brasília Main Areas: • Product Creation • Apps and Services São Paulo • Hardware and Manufacturing • Software Open Source and User Interface Instituto Nokia de Tecnologia 2
  4. 4. Introduction – Agile Testing• Testing with a plan to learn about it, let the customer information guide the testing in line with agile values working software which responding to change .• Tests to prevent defects.• Proactive Testers.• Test Automation is the key of successfully agile development and the core of agile testing.• [Crispin, L.; Gregory, J. 2009] Instituto Nokia de Tecnologia 3 Nokia Internal Use Only
  5. 5. Process and ToolsScrum agile methodology Scrum is an agile development process focusing on teamwork; Scrum ceremonies (sprint review, daily, retrospective and planning meetings);Test Process Testers should plan and update test cases for sprint stories; Automate test scripts when it is possible; Execute regression tests (manual and automatic), report defects found Tools for Unit Testing: GoogleTest, Junit, GUI test tools: Sikuli, Selenium RC and IDEand Fitnesse. Instituto Nokia de Tecnologia 4 Nokia Internal Use Only
  6. 6. Software Testing Automation StrategiesStrategy 1: Testers Automating Unit and System Tests : Development of a location API driver to be embedded in a modem; The project schedule was delayed and the developers wanted to focus on developing features instead unit testing; Testers decided to perform the unit testing tasks using GoogleTest tool according to Model V approach; Functional tests for the desktop installer and configuration screen were automated for MS Windows 7-x64 and MS Windows 7-x86 using Sikuli tool ; Instituto Nokia de Tecnologia 5 Nokia Internal Use Only
  7. 7. Software Testing Automation Strategies Positive and Negative points from Retrospective meetings: Positive Negative • Poor knowledge transferring from• Testers improved programming testers to developers skills • System testing performed after• Knowledge sharing on System development Architecture • Separation between testing and• Unit testing found important development teams defects • Code improvements postponed Instituto Nokia de Tecnologia 6 Nokia Internal Use Only
  8. 8. Software Testing Automation StrategiesStrategy 2: Developers Automating Unit Tests and TestersAutomating System Tests Development of a web system to automate factory tasks on counting material for production. Developers coding new features, unit testing using TDD approach and Continuous Integration (Hudson). Testers automating UI Tests using Selenium, Load Tests and Security using JMeter. Instituto Nokia de Tecnologia 7 Nokia Internal Use Only
  9. 9. Software Testing Automation Strategies Positive and Negative points from Retrospective meetings: Positive Negative• CI strategy improved testing • Poor knowledge transferring automation • High effort to automate tests with record-• High coverage of GUI testing and-play approach automation Positive of integration testing • Absence• Security and load tests executed • Separation between testing and early Negative development teams Instituto Nokia de Tecnologia 8 Nokia Internal Use Only
  10. 10. Software Testing Automation StrategiesStrategy 3: Developers Automating Unit Tests and TestersAutomating System Tests Development of a server-side system to receive requests from a mobile device, and send services and applications back; Testers started to collaborate reviewing test scenarios and code by pair programming; Developers and testers configured tools and programmed in pair funcional test scripts using Fitnesse tool for API Tests; Developers coded and wrote unit, integrations, and system tests, reviewed test cases and executed all automated tests; Instituto Nokia de Tecnologia 9 Nokia Internal Use Only
  11. 11. Software Testing Automation StrategiesCollaborative StrategyAutomation tasks are in the intersection and they can be executedby everyone in the project team; Instituto Nokia de Tecnologia 10 Nokia Internal Use Only
  12. 12. Software Testing Automation Strategies Positive and Negative points from Retrospective meetings: Positive Negative• CI strategy improved testing automation• Security and load tests executed early • High initial effort to set the• Intense team collaboration automation environment• Knowledge transferring regarding the tools • Rework when customer requires• Testing responsibilities distribute for all changes in the system team• Team motivation to learn new solutions Instituto Nokia de Tecnologia 11 Nokia Internal Use Only
  13. 13. Lessons LearnedCollaboration supports the Success of Agile Test Automation;Automate Each Layer of Software When It Is Possible and Just forAcceptance Tests in the Sprint;Test Automation in the Agile Project Should Be Simple, Reusableand Maintainable for Project Team;Automate and Run Security Tests and Stress Tests Early ReducesRisks and Rework;Use Test Automation for Documentation and InformationFeedback ; Instituto Nokia de Tecnologia 12 Nokia Internal Use Only
  14. 14. ConclusionIt is feasible to adapt agile practices and values to test automation.The automation was a resource to document software, reducecost, and allocate tasks in smaller parts.Next steps: Evaluate the test automation collaborative strategy as framework; Evaluate the impact of team collaboration levels in the test automation. To extract the testing effort, number of detected failures pre and post-delivery, and schedule adherence. Instituto Nokia de Tecnologia 13 Nokia Internal Use Only
  15. 15. Thank you.Questions? Nokia Technology Institute