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Published in: Self Improvement, Education
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  1. 1. 平安神宮 Japanese songs : Autumn Japan palaces : Safely Jingu AD 785, the Japanese Emperor Kammu States will be moved to Kyoto. Then the country for safety. So Kyoto safety is also known as. Meiji 28 (AD 1895) to commemorate peace in the capital relocation to Kyoto in 1100 and built safely Jingu. Safely Jingu Fashioning the left and right side of the red right symmetric palace architecture, Gorgeous and solemn emerged dynasty style. Inside the main hall of the palace courtyard is the representative of the Japanese garden masterpiece. Rivers around the tree flourish garden inside. In April when the sakura in full bloom. Look like sakura Waterfall. Charming of autumn, Kyoto is must-spots . Compilation : Sunyen Next Automatic play
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