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  1. 1. Bluebeard
  2. 2. R e ad ing qu iz1. What does Bluebeard give the young bride before leaving on his business trip?2.How does Bluebeard find out the young bride went into the forbidden chamber?3. What does she find in the hidden chamber?4. Who killed Bluebeard?
  3. 3. ANSWERS!1. The keys to all the rooms2. Blood on the key3. Dead bodies of his past wives7. The young brides’ brothers Great Job! Thank You 
  4. 4. H e ro’s j rne y for b lu e b e ard ’s wife ou
  5. 5. O th e r Ve rs ions !
  6. 6. Broth e rs G rim m “Th e R ob b e r Brid e G room ”• A fixed marriage between a lovely young lady and a wealthy young man (no bluebeard)• The man lived in a dark forest with a group of robbers• They would “hunt” for lovely brides, drunken them with wine, then chop them and “eat” them• The young bride witnessed everything and was warned by a bird in a cage and escaped with the help of an elderly woman• Evidence of the chopped finger with golden ring• Robbers get executed by the guests
  7. 7. F itch e r’s Bird• The bridegroom was a sorcerer who disguised himself as an old man who took young women to his luxurious house• Gave the young woman keys and an egg• Killed the first two sisters who opened the chamber and got blood onto the egg• Third sister was more clever, put the egg somewhere safe and took her sisters bodies and put them back together• Tricked the groom into thinking she didn’t use the key• Led him to his death where he was killed by the daughters family• Daughter disguises herself as a bird• Note what role a bird plays in the Grimm’s version
  8. 8. S ym b olis m •The color blue is a cold color, and when people have no friendly or loving qualities, we often say that they are "cold." •beard is a symbol of male virility and masculinity•the key is a trap in this tale, for use of the forbidden key willbring a death sentence. The wife uses the key to open theforbidden chamber and thus receives a revelation about thetrue nature of her husband.
  9. 9. Cont’d•egg is a sign of female fertility, and she was to carry hers aroundand keep it pure.•When the first two sisters let it get stained with blood, he knewthat they were disobedient and unfaithful. Thus the egg wassymbolic of female fidelity.•The last sister kept her egg "pure" by trickery! •central theme of this story to be a caution against female curiosity •the female must not inquire into the secrets of the male
  10. 10. FINAL DISCUSSION QUESTIONS!• What are some of the virtues in marriage each story has? (Name one per group)• What is the lesson of the stories?• Would you have opened the forbidden chamber? Was it for the better?