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Published in: Education, Business
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  1. 1. Week 2 Public Speaking Ronald Elia
  2. 2. “A Vision of Crimes in the Future”
  3. 3. Commandment II: Thou shalt Dream A Great Dream Commandment IV: Thou shalt Tell A Story Commandment VI: Thou shalt not flaunt thy ego Commandment VII: Thou shalt not sell from the stageCommandment IX: Thou shalt not read speech Commandment X: Thou shalt not steal the time from the audience
  4. 4. Marc used Commandments II and IV by combining the two. He told his dream while telling a story.Marc Used Commandment VI and VII by combining the two. He didn’t use past accomplishments to persuade the audiences opinions. Marc used Commandment IX because he didn’t read his speech Marc got his point across to the audience in less than 20 minutes. (Commandment X)
  5. 5. Marc used Commandments II, IV, VI, VII, IXand X for his presentation because as aprofessional these commandments kept himorganized, they kept his audience tuned in,also the Commandments helped get his pointacross to the audience professionally andCommandment X didn’t allow him to makehis audience feel like it was a waste of timebeing there.
  6. 6. Marc has a ton of knowledge on the topic he presentedUsed amazing speaking skillsUsed slides to keep audience engaged with the presentationUsed great facial expressions and voice tone to set the mood of the presentation
  7. 7. What I learned from Marc is that the war against terrorism is not close to being finished.That the terrorist are very intelligent and can adapt to new technologies.The actions of just one person can effect many, whether it be good or bad. –Marc Goodman
  8. 8. Both men are very bright and confident in what they are presenting.Both have very good voice tone and facial expressions.Explosive energy whether it was serious energy or comical energy.Marc and Sir Ken both got their message across and seem to be on the same path to trying to make the world a better place for everyone.
  9. 9. Marc seemed to have a more serious approach, while Sir Ken took the more comical approach in his presentations.Sir Ken used either slides or vocal presentation but not at the same presentation, while on the other hand, Marc used both slides and vocal presentation, for one presentation.
  10. 10. The 5 P’sProper Planning Prevents Poor PerformanceStory telling can keep your audience interested in what point you are trying to make.
  11. 11. Facial expressionsEmotions will set the tone for presentationDepending on the mood of what you are talking about, depends on which facial expressions are to be usedExample: Happy, Serious, Sad, Mad…etc.
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