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MeetApp - OTA13

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MeetApp - OTA13

  1. 1. MeetApp Elliot Long @elroid Simple SMS Location Sharing Monday, 30 September 13
  2. 2. 2005 - Nokia 5140 with GPS Express-On Cover With the promise of being able to send your location via SMS Monday, 30 September 13
  3. 3. •You don’t always know the accuracy of the location you’re sending (e.g.Twitter, etc) •Some are not cross-platform (e.g. FindMyFriends, iOS-only) •Almost all solutions require login and may force other features on you that you may not want (e.g.WhatsApp) •All require mobile internet connection 2013 - Solutions exist, but all with their own issues •There are battery life and privacy issues for always-on tracking (e.g. Google+ / Latitude, Find My Friends) Monday, 30 September 13
  4. 4. •If you have MeetApp, it automatically opens a map with your friend’s location, distance and direction (digital compass) The solution: MeetApp •If you don’t, you will see a mobile web page with a google map, and links to download the app. •After install, clicking on the link will open the app •Allows you to send your location via SMS to anyone in your phone book •Developed at OTA13 for Android, iOS coming soon •No login. No tracking. Can be used without an internet connection Monday, 30 September 13
  5. 5. Monday, 30 September 13
  6. 6. 1Elliot - 12m ago Monday, 30 September 13