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This application was developed as part of the linked gov hack camp, on 9-10th April 2011 at the LBi in Brick Lane.

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  1. 1. ...there’s A Bus For
  2. 2. (There’s) A Bus For That • A hub for importing CIF Bus Timetable data • Delivers a RESTful json API for routes, stops and next arrivals • A Google Maps/Earth KML exporter • A mobile web site for live bus info • Built with: Java on Google app Engine • Downside: geo-searching not easy, text search not provided out of the box • Upside: its hosted for free, imminently scalable and available to whoever wants to use it • Data set: • Upside: widely used format by many councils around the UK • Downside: fairly cryptic to understand, not all entries mentioned in spec, no geocodingElliot Long