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Malve presentation sept. 2012 power point corrected


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Published in: Education
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Malve presentation sept. 2012 power point corrected

  1. 1. 9/11by Malve Klose
  2. 2. Overview• What happened on the 9/11 2001• Rescue operation• Al- Qaida• Reactions to the September 11 attacks• Internal steps after 9/11• Global terror situation since 9/11
  3. 3. What happened on 9/11North Tower:Hit at 8:46 amCollapsed after 102 minutesSouth Tower:Hit at 9:02 amCollapsed after 56 minutes World Trade Center (WTC)
  4. 4. Rescue operation• 17,400 people were in the WTC towers during the crashes• about 15,100 people saved themselves• about 3,200 children lost their parents after the attacks