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Adidas Group Enterprise 2.0 @ Barcelona090917


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On the 2nd Digital Media Seminar 2009 on Sept. 16 and 17 Twitter: #digitalmediabarcelona , Christian Kuhna showed how the adidas Group is using Social Media externally and internally

Adidas Group Enterprise 2.0 @ Barcelona090917

  1. Enterprise 2.0 @adidas Group From individual to team sport Christian Kuhna Internal Communication Corporate Communications adidas Group
  2. The adidas Group Group and Brands 2
  3. adidas Group - People •more than 38,000 employees worldwide •more than 40 nations working at World of Sports •average age 32 •almost 50% women 3
  4. Shift From Traditional to Social Media New web: consumer control, user participation, openness and networking Shift to online tools and platforms that people use to share opinions, insights, experiences, and perspectives with each other. 4
  5. BILD: “Leser Reporter” Readers as Reporters © BILD 5
  6. Five Trends For Electronic Media Connect! The social web - anywhere, anytime Generation C (for Content) Me, the media - consumer generated content Content is more important than its form Get things done Online Office - collaborate! Information overload Discovery is the new search Feed me! Participate! Not top-down, not bottom-up, but participation Knowledge sharing and speed! 6
  7. Outside Activities 7
  8. External Web 2.0 Channels - Facebook + YourReebok application + external fan sites + adidasTV application 8
  9. External Web 2.0 Channels – apps & Twitter iPhone apps: adidas Street Guide Reebok YourReebok 9
  10. External Social Media Campaign – Frerk Ohm Campaign with German comedian over website, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube 10
  11. Inside Activities 11
  12. As is: Everyone for Himself! adidas Group Intranets – From Isolated Islands… USA adidas Reebok = Group HR Asia TMaG GIT Campaign Rockport 12
  13. …To One Integrated Intranet Portal 13
  14. BUT: Financial Crisis! 14
  15. Instead: Project: SPEEDBOAT Big effect with minimal budget Concentrate on improving • Communication channels • Collaboration • Transparency • 2-way communication • Knowledge Management © Sony Pictures, United Artists, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM), Columbia Tristar ...and yes, it‘s from the Bond movie „Live an Let Die“ 15
  16. Culture Opportunity in New Communication Channels We should use all opportunities to concentrate on the potential we have with our brands and our employees - Unleash and use the knowledge our employees have ( iForum, Knowledge Management) - Allow more employee participation and harness internal collective intelligence ( adidas Group Wiki) - Encourage free discussion of issues to create more transparency and strengthen trust in our management ( Ask the Management) - Build platforms to strengthen and use internal and external networks e.g. succession management and alumni network( myprofile, Facebook) - Facilitate direct communications between various layers of an organization ( forums, collective blogs) 16
  17. On the Fast Lane: Collaboration Initiative – Speedboat Project Implementation 2010 Speedboat Social Wiki Blogs ATM iForum Network 17
  18. Internal Blogs, Wiki & Ask the Management adidas Group: adiweb Brand adidas Blog Reebok Blog adidas Group WIKI Ask the Management 18
  19. New Internal Coms Channels: Ask the Management Blogs Group: adiweb Brand adidas Reebok Ideas Forum n! Budapest so o ming Co Closed Blog Corporate Identity GoToMarket Hungary Employee Mag + eZine Wiki Closed Wiki 19
  20. Example: Reebok in Wiki & Blog Reebok Wiki & Blog Advantages: Reebok Wiki has all static information on Reebok, the products & campaigns Reebok Blog is a news channel for all Reebok news User generated content (all employees = editors). Means that every employee can add a page and/or edit every existing page on the Wiki Users can comment on all articles in the Blog 20
  21. Reebok - all Internal Communication Channels Advantages: Provide Reebok with a communication channel (Rebook today has no Intranet, only email) Dramatically improve usability (WYSIWYG editor) Reebok Blog Reebok – Ask the Management Daily news on Reebok products, events Employees can ask questions and get answers from the top management User participation via employees, local news etc. comment (all employees can comment) Have one-voice communication Decrease email load Make knowledge and information available for all employees Reebok in Wikipedia Reebok Newsletter “Insider” All content about Reebok: campaigns, Newsletter on Reebok – with links to products, history, people etc. Reebok Blog and Reebok in Wikipedia 21
  22. Countries & Markets – Blogs & Wiki To increase the internal visibility of information on countries or markets, we use the following set-up: 1. Set up a Wiki page on your country - Present you country information to the Group, the brands and functions - Coordinate your local information, contacts and services - Engage your employees to participate by creating own sub- pages and adding content to existing pages - Use it as knowledge management tool, to which every employee adidas Hungary WIKI can contribute. 2. Set up a Blog for your internal communication - Use it as a news channel for your local employees to inform them on a regular basis on all new programs, local activities, adidas Hungary local and global campaigns - Offer a feedback channel to your employees by allowing them to comment on the articles Example: adidas Hungary is setting up an intranet page and adidas Hungary BLOG combined with a blog, completely replacing an own intranet 22
  23. Country Communication Channels: Wiki & Blog adidas Hungary as first pilot for country page on Wiki (as “intranet” and information page) plus Blog as internal communication channel Wiki = Information Navigation in page Blog = News Channel Introduction About adidas Hungary + Address & contact adidas Budapest Google Maps location Management team Organization News, information and services Retail adidas Local activities Retail Reebok Message from the management Departments/functions Links to other external & internal pages Direct feedback via comments Budapest tips Hotels Restaurants Add comments 23
  24. Networks is Key: Example of My External Communities Facebook XING – My Colleagues and Friends – My Business Contacts Mr-Wong YouTube Flickr – My Pictures – My Bookmarks – My Videos & Tags Flickr – My Geotagging 24
  25. Next: My adidas Social Network - My Personal Page My ideas My tags My knowledge My Projects HR HR specific wins: -Succession Management My network & teams My pictures, videos, geotagging - Alumni network 25
  26. Vision: Internal and External Networks synch Make external networks and technologies work for us internally. Use existing networks to recruit best talents, include brand fans and build alumni networks. My Internal Profile - Phonebook My External Profile - Facebook 26
  27. …and a last word on Twitter… © Geek and Poke 27
  28. Thank you! 28