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Norwood Pines

  3. 3. 2012 CENSUS BUDGET 2012 Performance Re-Cap:2012 Census Budget: Medi A: 7 HMO: 6 Total: 1541st Quarter Actual ADC: Medi A: 4 HMO: 3 Total: 1471st Quarter Variance to BudgET: Medi A: -3 HMO: -3 Total: -7April „12 Actual ADC: Medi A: 6 HMO: 8 Total: 150May „12 Actual (MTD) ADC: Medi A: 8.7 HMO: 8 Total: 152 (Through May 21st )
  4. 4. Top 5 Referring Hospitals/# of Medi-Care A Admissions for April 2012:A) Hosp: Kaiser A) Hosp: Mercy/Dignity HealthB) No. of Medi-A Admits/mo: 5 (HMO) B) No. of Medi-A Admits/mo: 3C) Last Visit by Admin: May 17th 2012 C) Last Visit by Admin: Feb 9th 2012 A) Hosp: Sutter B) No. of Medi-A Admits/mo: 3 C) Last Visit by Admin: April 27th, 2012
  5. 5. •Please note Norwood Pines does not currentlyreceive Medicare A referrals from her Physicians.This issue is to be addressed when we meet withthem at our next MD Luncheon.
  6. 6. 2nd Quarter (4/1 – 5/18/12) Re-Cap of Census Improvement Activities: ACTUAL Marketing Activities:“Marketing Activities” = Activities that are intended to sell your current services to referral source Nurtured relationship with Case Managers while educating them of changes with key referring Case Managers at Mercy, Sutter, UC-Davis, and Kaiser hospitals throughout May to current. In April, started marketing our Specialty Unit by calling and visiting all area Hospitals , and RCFE‟s/B&C entities accentuating our ability to accept dementia residents with clinical needs (needs Medi-Care “A” subsidizes) Initiated RCFE Luncheon Series on April 20th to expose Memory Care RCFE‟s to Norwood; and how we can have a reciprocal relationship for sharing, rehabilitating and returning their hospitalized clients.
  7. 7. 2nd Quarter (4/1 – 5/18/12) Re-Cap of Census Improvement Activities: Actual Marketing Activities : (CONT.)Met with RCFE’s at Norwood to promote our ability to provide our BTP programfor their clients needing a short term Behavior /Medication/Pain Managementprogram to turn to.Marketed with calls and visits from April through current outlying area hospitalsfrom Redding to Modesto, to Fresno, to Placerville, to the Bay Area our new foundability to accept residents with IV’s, tube feedings, orthopedic surgeries, and othermedically complex dementia patients.Utilized April and May newsletter as a tool promoting what is new at NorwoodPines.Utilized Dr. Smith (Carmelita Smith) April 26th as resource into meeting key CaseManagers at Acute Hospitals who can impact Medi-Care A referrals/admissions.
  8. 8. 2nd Quarter (4/1 – 5/18/12) Re-Cap of Census Improvement Activities: Actual Marketing Activities : (CONT.)During April, built relationship with Administrator, Mona Legaspi at Elder Care LinkReferral Service who helped us gain access to Case Managers at Mercy and MethodistHospital.Continued sponsorship/marketing of monthly Hospital Case Manager AssociationDinner on April 18th and May 17th.Contacted Philanthropic Officer Tammi Opperdahl at UC Med Center for futureenterprises regarding Spring 2013 Alzheimer‟s Series sponsorship.
  9. 9. 2nd Quarter (4/1 – 5/18/12) Re-Cap of Census Improvement Activities: Actual Marketing Activities : (CONT.)Initiated outreach to area Civic groups, churches, schools to promote, and recruitvolunteers and interns while working on an image make-over for Norwood Pines onJune2 15th and June 22ndPending returned e-mail query, will be available Made Norwood available asresource for community outreach with Meals on Wheels.
  10. 10. 2nd Quarter (4/1 – 5/18/12) ACTUAL Business Development Activities : “Business Development” Activities = Activities that are intended to develop new services for your current or new referral sources ACTION PLAN FOR INCREASING MEDICARE “A” RESIDENTS CLINICAL BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT PLANThe clinical goal to increase the Medicare A residents into the facility is to admitmore clinically complex residents requiring I.V‟s, continuous tube feeding, andorthopedic type residents. Three areas that need to be reviewed are;environment, education, and nursing and therapy services to meet the needs ofthe Medicare resident.
  11. 11. ACTION PLAN FOR INCREASING MEDICARE “A” RESIDENTS (cont.):Summary:• Make a wing on Station 2 a secure Unit that can accept residents with clinical, skillable, Medi-Care “A” needs. Market new unit to hospital case managers, conservators, and MD‟s Market short term rehab services and Behavior Transition Program to RCFE‟s. Educate all other referral sources, and community of new services. Focus on image make-over within community.
  12. 12. ACTION PLAN FOR INCREASING MEDICARE “A” RESIDENTS (cont.):Summary (cont.): Utilize collateral materials to market Norwood Pines. Utilize upcoming web-site to sell our product with case managers, hospitals, and physicians.
  13. 13. 2012 Census Improvement Strategies May 19th –July 31st : PLANNED/SCHEDULED Marketing Activities :“Marketing Activities” = Activities that are intended to sell your current services to referral source Weekly outreach to MD groups affiliated with Sacramento area Acute Hospital MD‟s who can influence where hospital discharge planners/case managers send their Medi-Care “A” patients post-discharge for rehabilitation services every Thursday starting May 31st Participation in two Vendor Fair at Sutter General and Sutter Memorial in July 2012.
  14. 14. PLANNED/SCHEDULED Marketing Activities (cont.)MD Luncheon on June 14th to explore how our MD‟s can help increase Medi-Care “A”;what we can do to help them.Continued co-sponsorship/promotion of new/existing services at monthlyHospital Case Manager Association Dinners (3rd Thursday each month).Pharmacy Dinner 2nd week in July.Daily conversation with Case Managers promoting/educatingthem about Norwood‟s programs new , and existing.Alternating monthly visits to outlying Acute Hospitals,Conservators, and Senior Centers throughout NorthernCalifornia.
  15. 15. PLANNED/SCHEDULED Marketing Activities (cont.)Memory Care RCFE Luncheon Series next one June 1stto generate patient/resident Cooperation.Meetings/Luncheons throughout summer starting May 31st ,and every other Friday at Norwood with area church leaders,civic groups as part of image make-over, while providing apotential referral source for their membership and cohorts.First Board and Care Luncheon Series initiated on June 15th atNorwood.Alzheimer‟s Association Benefit Community BBQ on July 14th@Norwood
  16. 16. 2012 Census Improvement Strategies May 19th –July 31st : PLANNED/SCHEDULED Business Development Activities:“Business Development” Activities = Activities that are intended to develop new services for your current or new referral sources Ongoing-training to staff assigned to Clinical Unit; fine-tuning the quality of care. Exploring Other Services We Can Provide On The New Unit. Making the new unit the focus of all conversation with referral sources, our MD‟s, influential MD groups; and community at large.
  17. 17. PLANNED/SCHEDULED Business Development Activities (cont.):Placing stronger, more concentrated nursing staff on clinical unit.Continue to invite community groups, and entities to visit Norwood Pines,and promote our new unit
  18. 18. Census Successes and Failure FOLLOW-UP:Solutions or Actions to Resolve 1st Quarter OBSTACLES(identified in last presentation): Since we could not care for our clinically complex residents, we were forced to send them to Skilled Nursing facilities; hence, losing the ability to tap into their Medi-Care A days. The new unit resolved this issue. We did not possess a locked unit that could provide for the care needs of clinically complex residents. New unit resolved issue, afforded opportunity to accept Medi-Care A patients from the acute hospitals. Competition with memory care RCFE’s for early stage dementia residents. Formed a cooperative partnership with RCFE‟s. The public perception of Norwood Pines within the community. We continue to invite in and tour visitors to our new clinical care unit.
  19. 19. Clinical Nursing/Rehab Services That Are Our Focus For Marketing: What services we HIGHLIGHT to community for Med A referrals: Highlighting the fact we can provide the highest quality of care to clinically complex residents requiring I.V‟s, continuous tube feeding, and orthopedic type residents. Highlighting our secure setting that provides medication, pain, and behavior management for residents with Dementia. Highlighting the BTP style program to Hospital Case Managers, RCFE‟s, and smaller Board and Care Homes that accentuates our nursing, and rehab. staff‟s ability to rehabilitate residents, and return them to a lower level of care.
  20. 20. Clinical Nursing/Rehab Services UPDATE !!! NEEDED or REQUESTED SERVICES (Identified in last presentation):A need for a locked, clinically complex unit to include IV’s, tube feeders, andother rehabable patients. New unit was created to meet those complex needs with creation of locked unit, effective May 8th, 2012.A need to educate and train staff in the procedures necessary to operate new unit. Education to nursing staff was completed by May 8th, 2012.
  21. 21. ASSURING CENSUS SUCCESS UPDATE!!! NEW Activities and Ideas: Expanding the new unit to accept wound care and wound-vac residents. Aesthetic upgrade and makeover on new unit, and patio areas