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Introduction to WCF RIA Services for Silverlight 4 Developers


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Building rich internet applications for business that are interactive and elegant is hard. WCF RIA Services, released alongside Silverlight 4, represents a new take on multi-tier application development. In this demo-only (no slides) talk, we'll introduce RIA Services and then walk through how you can use it to easily build your own rich internet applications using Silverlight 4 and ASP.NET.

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Introduction to WCF RIA Services for Silverlight 4 Developers

  1. 1. Building Applications with WCF  RIA Services  Stephen Forte Chief Strategy Officer, Telerik S f hk@ il Blog:
  2. 2. Speaker.Bio()• Chief Strategy Officer of Telerik• Certified Scrum Master Certified Scrum Master• Active in the Community: – International Conference Speaker for 13+ Years International Conference Speaker for 13+ Years – RD, MVP and INETA Speaker  – Co‐moderator & founder of NYC .NET  Developers Group D l G htt // d t td – Wrote a few books: SQL Server 2008 Developers Guide  (MS Press)• MBA from the City University of New York• Past: – CTO and co‐Founder of Corzen, Inc. (TXV: WAN) – CTO of Zagat Survey 
  3. 3. N Tier ProgrammingN‐Tier Programming
  4. 4. RIA Services in n‐tier applications Trust Boundaryy Web W b Service Data Access App App Layer View Logic Logic (DAL)Database Framework, tools and services with prescriptive pattern for n tier applications prescriptive pattern for n‐tier applications
  5. 5. Windows Communication Foundation (WCF)
  6. 6. Using the right tool for the job Using the right tool for the job WCF Layer Description RIA Services RIA Services Prescriptive E2E experience for Silverlight E2E experience for Silverlight  applications Data Services Turn‐key entity‐oriented programming  model for HTTP/RESTful services Workflow Services Workflow‐oriented programming model for  long‐running business processes long‐running business processes Service Model Method‐oriented programming model for  WS‐* & REST developers1. All programming models can leverage the wide‐ranging set of behaviors and  protocols2.2 We have good integration in SL4/Dev10, that gets even better in Dev11 We have good integration in SL4/Dev10 that gets even better in Dev11 Microsoft Confidential
  7. 7. RIA Services Design principles RIA Services Design principles• End‐to‐end view of an application: framework,  pattern, tooling and services l d• Prescriptive approach to app logic • DAL‐neutral and targets multiple presentation  technologies
  8. 8. Data access & presentation neutralData access & presentation neutral App Logic XML,  JSON,  Binary
  9. 9. Design‐time view Solution (Application) Server project Client projectEntities Entities Build, reflect Data & code-gen ViewsAccess Domain Domain Layer Service Context (DAL)
  10. 10. Run‐time view (entity lifecycle) Application Web server Silverlight Sil li ht Query Load Data Entities Domain EntitiesAccess Domain Views Layer Service Context C t t Submit S b it Submit (DAL) Results Results
  11. 11. • Demo
  12. 12. Services• Authentication• Roles• User profile• All integrate w/ ASP.NET infrastructure
  13. 13. Using RIA Services effectivelyDo Don’t• Require authentication /  q / • Deploy with anon access Deploy with anon access roles – Authenticate w/ https • E Expose non‐essential  i l• Utilize query composition entities/ operations or allow  – Filter, sort, page free‐form access to data• Consider custom update Consider custom update• Factor into multiple  • Use a single large  DomainService classes /  D i S i l / DomainService class libraries• H dl Handle errors on server• Use declarative validation
  14. 14. Questions?