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Concocting an MVC, Data Services and Entity Framework solution for Azure


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Often, technologies are demonstrated in their own little vacuums. In this session we'll put together a solution that combines Windows Azure, SQL Azure, Data Services, MVC and Entity Framework so that you can see how to create a solution completely hosted in the cloud.

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Concocting an MVC, Data Services and Entity Framework solution for Azure

  1. 1. Concocting an MVC,Data Services andEntity FrameworkSolution for AzureYour Julie Lermanlogo 4/19/2011
  2. 2. Julie Lerman consultant/mentor Microsoft MVP, INETA Speaker, ASPInsider, MCP, VTdotNET Leader contact blog twitter @julielerman book web site
  3. 3. Techs Don’t Live in a VacuumOpen Data Protocol
  4. 4. Application Building Blocks
  5. 5. Demo Plan• Create EF 4.1 Code First Model & DbContext – Local Database for Development & Testing• Wrap in Azure Data Service to expose OData• Consume OData with Azure MVC 3 Web Role• Switch local database to SQL Azure• Publish Service & Web Role to Windows Azure
  6. 6. Considerations• On-site cloud latency – Design and test everything locally• Publish & test one piece at a time to cloud – Database – Service – Web Role
  7. 7. Resources•• Entity Framework:• WCF Data Services:• OData:• Windows Azure:• SQL Azure:• Jason Haley: How to Add MVC 3 Project Types to the Azure Cloud Service Wizard:, Mar 22, 2011