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Building an effective tech team


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My talk in Jogja Nov 17 on Building An Effective Tech Team delivered at Jogja Digital Valley.

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Building an effective tech team

  1. 1. Building An Effective Tech Team without having you to look over the team’s shoulders (literally)
  2. 2. Jeff Salleh SDM - Oracle Asia R&D (SG) Lead Engineer - Voiddeck Ventures
  3. 3. – Henry Ford “If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself.”
  4. 4. My Working Conditions • Diverse group (language, culture and geographies) • In a sales dominated environment - shareholders breathing down our necks every quarters. • We have pretty strong competitors. • Too big, Too many products (very confusing…) • Many policies and governance for product development
  5. 5. Building an Effective Team Hires Growth Mindset and Sharing Culture Processes Efficient Use of Tools Dev Manager
  6. 6. Using Tools to Scale
  7. 7. Tools
  8. 8. Capturing your Requirements USE POST-ITs Generously; Capture them in your Product Backlog
  9. 9. Sprint Planning “The Meeting”
  10. 10. Adopt Collaborative Tools • Establish collaborative tools where teams can communicate and share what they learn with each other. Non-Real Time Communication Real Time Communication
  11. 11. The Sprint Where the work is done !!!
  12. 12. “The Sprint” IDE Have a catalog of IDE profiles
  13. 13. “The Sprint” Repo$itory Source Code - Never LOSE IT !!!!
  14. 14. “The Sprint” Continuous Integration Make sure things are repeatable Invest on Continuous Integration Never Accept “But it works on my machine”
  15. 15. “The Sprint” Embrace Immutable Infrastructure Repeatable, Shareable, Consistent
  16. 16. Automate^3 If you do anything more than twice manually - AUTOMATE IT !! Scripting != Automation If !(makingLifeEasier)
  17. 17. Automate^3 Code-Level
  18. 18. Automate^3 API-Level
  19. 19. Automate^3 UI-Level
  20. 20. Ensure Quality Use Tools that can give you Quality Matrix
  21. 21. Ensure Security Just Do It !!!
  22. 22. Ship It Archive,Tag and Release Notes
  23. 23. Monitoring Understand your users, scrutinise your system
  24. 24. Sprint Retrospective "Time to Reflect” As A Team
  25. 25. Team Bonding
  26. 26. Let’s Have A Conversation
  27. 27. Recommended Reading Additional Reading (The Borg Paper)