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Designing business outcomes


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All too often we’ve been measuring activity and cost, not outcomes and value. And it’s important to understand that an organisation that plans for growth outcomes (without binding a team to a specific output) can fundamentally adapt to a changing market. By creating clearly defined, non-conflicting, outcomes and common working principles senior management can delegate the “how” to their teams, while retaining ownership of the “what” and “why”.

This interactive presentation will help participants define the real outcomes and associated measures for their work and teams. Participants will come to understand that outcomes can be complex, interdependent and occasionally conflicting. Therefore we will create 3 elements;

1. the profile of the outcome,
2. the relationship between outcomes, and
3. the principles that align work across all outcomes

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Designing business outcomes

  1. 1. @eleybourn @eleybourn Designing Business Outcomes Evan Leybourn Agile India, 2017 A #noprojects primer
  2. 2. @DipeshPala @eleybourn What exactly is a project? A temporary endeavor undertaken to create a unique product, service or result.
  3. 3. @DipeshPala @eleybourn What is #noprojects? The alignment of activities to outcomes measured by value, constrained by guiding principles and supported by continuous delivery technologies
  4. 4. @eleybourn The continuous culture Continuous delivery, deployment, monitoring, strategy, planning, design, marketing, feedback, business, finance
  5. 5. @DipeshPala @eleybourn Funding #noprojects Change the question – not “how much will this cost?”, but rather “how much is it worth?”
  6. 6. @DipeshPala @eleybourn Outcomes over outputs Outcomes are valuable, planned, slowly changing and define a common direction for all work
  7. 7. @DipeshPala @eleybourn Outcome profiles Outcome Title: Description: Measure: Baseline: Target: Dependencies: Owner:
  8. 8. @DipeshPala @eleybourn Outcome profiles Outcome Title: Active subscribers Subscribers who have logged into the app more than once and have 80% of their user profile Measure: # of active Baseline: 0 (pre-launch) Target: 100,000 in 3 months Budget: $6,750,000 Dependencies: None Owner: Modern Major
  9. 9. @DipeshPala @eleybourn Outcome profiles Outcome Title: Staff Satisfaction Happy staff are productive staff. staff are expensive staff. Measure: 1. Retention 2. NPS Baseline: 1. 94% 2. 6+ Target: 1. 98% 2. 8+ Budget: $1,550,000 Dependencies: None Owner: Grand High Poohbah
  10. 10. @DipeshPala @eleybourn Outcome profiles Outcome Title: Description: Measure: Baseline: Target: Dependencies: Owner:
  11. 11. @DipeshPala @eleybourn Working principles Common, agreed, and prioritised constraints that shape all activities (e.g. quality, communication, staff engagement, security, or branding)
  12. 12. @eleybourn Evan Leybourn IBM GBS @eleybourn