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A business agility primer


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Traditional business models are failing to keep up with the needs of the modern economy. While business has never been predictable, technological and cultural change is occurring at faster rates than ever before. In this climate, modern enterprises live or die on their ability to adapt – which is where Business Agility comes in. Business Agility provides a context for organisations to embrace change; changing how to think, changing how to work and changing how to interact.

Whether you’ve heard of Holocracy or Teal Organisations; it seems that lean and agile business models are gaining interest across different business sectors. This presentation will provide engaging and enlightening stories of Agile beyond IT; from lean startups to large enterprises. These will be reinforced with practical approaches for the design and leadership of teams, divisions and businesses across 4 key domains;

1. The Structure of an Agile Organisation - Efficient, transparent and collaborative techniques to manage cross-functional, self-organising and potentially self-managing teams.
2. You, the Agile Manager - What makes a good agile manager and how do their responsibilities change?
3. Integrated Customer Engagement - Collaboration and communication techniques to build trust and deliver Customer needs efficiently, with minimal waste, and to everyone’s satisfaction.
4. Work, the Agile Way - Managing all types of business functions, from software, HR, finance to legal, by using Just-In-Time planning and incremental or continuous delivery processes.

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A business agility primer

  1. 1. @eleybourn @eleybourn The structure of an agile organisation Evan Leybourn Agile India, 2017 A business agility primer
  2. 2. @DipeshPala @eleybourn A call to action
  3. 3. @DipeshPala @eleybourn Evan’s Theory of Agile Constraints With apologies to Elliot Goldratt
  4. 4. @DipeshPala @eleybourn
  5. 5. @DipeshPala @eleybourn “Make everything as simple as possible, but not simpler. Albert Einstein (paraphrased), 1933 The structure of an agile organisation
  6. 6. @DipeshPala @eleybourn The structure of an agile organisation Impulsive (Red) Conformist (Amber) Achievement (Orange) Pluralistic (Green) Evolutionary (Teal) Matrix Organisations Spotify Model Outcome teams Self-Management Holocracy Requisite Organisation
  7. 7. @DipeshPala @eleybourn An Executive Kanban New Zealand Post Group
  8. 8. @DipeshPala @eleybourn Agile Practice Model
  9. 9. @DipeshPala @eleybourn Squad structure Squad Name Squad Mission Leader (Name of squad leader) Classification (Stable / Temporary / Mobilizing) Context (What would the squad be responsible for) Name of squad leader Stable / Temporary / Mobilizing What would the squad be responsible for Size (Size, geography) Relationships (Key upstream & downstream relationships) Skills (Specific details to support the Squad) Size, geography Key upstream & downstream relationships Specific details to support the Squad Squad Outcomes Business Units Outcome Measure Baseline Target Dependenc ies Which business units make up this squad Outcome #1 Measure Baseline Target Links Which business units make up this squad Outcome #2 Measure Baseline Target Links Cadence (How frequent and when?) Outcome #3 Measure Baseline Target Links Stand-up: Daily @ 10:00 Retrospective: TBC Smash: Ad-hoc
  10. 10. @DipeshPala @eleybourn “Knowing others is intelligence; knowing yourself is true wisdom. Mastering others is strength; mastering yourself is true power.” Laozi, ~6th Century BCE You, the agile leader
  11. 11. @DipeshPala @eleybourn
  12. 12. @DipeshPala @eleybourn © 2016 INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS MACHINES CORPORATION 1. Not providing clarity – Not cascading purpose and strategy 2. Not letting go 3. Wanting to have your finger in every pie - Becoming the bottleneck 4. Wanting perfection - Not deciding 5. Snap back to old style in a crisis 6. Overburdening the team – not managing the funnel 7. Missing in action – Empowering does not mean staying away 8. Not holding teams/people accountable 9. Not disciplined in cadence 10. Preaching without knowing Pitfalls and concerns
  13. 13. @DipeshPala @eleybourn “You can’t build a reputation on what you are going to do.” Henry Ford, 1951 Integrated customer engagement
  14. 14. @DipeshPala @eleybourn Understanding trust
  15. 15. @DipeshPala @eleybourn “Sometimes you just have to jump out the window and grow wings on the way down.” Ray Bradbury, 1995 Work, the agile way
  16. 16. @DipeshPala @eleybourn © 2016 INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS MACHINES CORPORATION Saab JAS 39 Gripen Adaptive Portfolios & EPMOs Agile Design & Lean Construction Wikispeed Design Engineering & 3D Printing Work, the agile way
  17. 17. @DipeshPala @eleybourn The iron pipe
  18. 18. @eleybourn Evan Leybourn IBM GBS @eleybourn