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Discover how to get your website to the top of the search engines and generate more leads and sales.

This short and concise SEO webinar will deliver all the facts you need to know about getting your website listed on the first page of Google.

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  1. 1. Free SEO Webinar Agenda:• What is Search Engine Optimization• Difference Between PPC And SEO• SEO: On Page SEO• SEO: Off Page SEO• Q&A
  2. 2. What search engine optimization is and why its important“Search engine optimization refers to any efforts that are required get your website intothe top rankings of the search engine listing results, such as Google, Yahoo and MSN,when someone searches for “keyword phrases” related to your businesses.”
  3. 3. Why you need SEO?• People use search engines to find things.• If people can’t find you in the search results, you don’t have a shot at their business.
  4. 4. The Reason Why Online Marketing is so Powerful: • The days of cold calling and shotgun advertising are truly drawing to a close. Today advertising agencies use terms like demographics, target audience, target base, and grouping, but really what it all boils down to is speaking to people who have an interest in what you are selling.• For this reason Internet Marketing is the medium of the future, because the “consumer” initiates the first point of contact, and it is always easier to convert a sale with someone who came looking for what you have to offer.
  5. 5. Online Marketing Explained:• Online marketing is far less about marketing, than it is about positioning.• Online marketing (like any form of marketing) is really just about standing in front of the right audience, at the right time and offering them something of value that they either need or want at that specific moment in time.
  6. 6. What Are The Benefits?• Increased focused website visitors• Increased MEASUREABLE QUALIFIED Leads = Sales / More Customers• Decreased Advertising Cost• You Can Reach A Wider Target Market – Global• Low Marketing Cost Per Lead• Dominate Your Competition By Brand Visibility 24/7• Be Seen In The Right Target Markets For Your Services 24/7
  7. 7. Search Engine Marketing has two main components SEO and PPC
  8. 8. SEO vs PPC• SEO= Organic / Natural Search Listing – Long Term Benefits – SEO takes time to achieve results – You invest in your website now for results that you will get after time and continue long after the campaign is done.• PPC = Pay Per Click Advertising – Last as long as your Ads are live – You only pay for the visitors coming to your website – Offers you almost immediate visitors and results. – can be affected by visitors add blinding (people generally prefer natural search results over the paid ones, which they tend to ignore)• Both have a place in well designed overall marketing strategy.
  9. 9. Why we focus on SEO• PPC is the equivalent of renting a house. SEO is like owning a house. The investments in SEO have significantly stronger long-term benefit than PPC.• We are in the business of creating long term exponential growth and income.
  10. 10. How search engine ranking works• There is 2 basic parts the search engine look at in order to rank your website.1. On Page website factors - Your Foundation2. Off Page website factors - How much authority you have in the market.
  11. 11. On Page Seo
  12. 12. On Page SEO Factors• <title>Title Tag</title>• <meta name=”Description” content=”Description Tag” />• Page Headings <h1></h1>• Url Structure• Page Content• Social Voting Links
  13. 13. On Page SEO Title Tag It is the first thing the spiders will index and the first thing that people will read. This needs to include the keywords you want to rank for.<title> Used Cars For Sale In Cape Town</title>
  14. 14. On Page SEOPage Meta Descriptions The Meta tag is there to give the search engines a description ofthe site and although Google has started using a snippet from thepage for their description, many other search engines still use yourMeta description.<meta description> that includes at least 120to 155 (max) characters of descriptive text.<meta name="description" content=“We specialize in the sale ofused cars in cape town south africa. Visit us to find your perfect cartoday”>
  15. 15. Title & Description
  16. 16. On Page SEO Page Headings This is you main page heading<h1> Used Cars For Sale In Cape Town</h1>Make sure you use the keyword you want torank for in the page heading.
  17. 17. On Page Seo URL Structure Incorrect Url Structure: 3used cars&Itemid=168 Correct Structure: Keep url short and descriptive to the page content and include your main keyword.
  18. 18. On Page Seo Content• Make sure all your pages contain a minimum of 400 words.• All content must be unique.• Write your content for your visitors.• If you want to rank for more keywords you need to write more content. Create one page for each keyword you want to rank for.• Example: the keywords “ used cars for sale pretoria” and “used cars for sale cape town” needs to have its own page.
  19. 19. On Page SEO Social Voting Buttons• Add social voting buttons to your website so that people can share your content and you can get links from the social networks.• I recommend adding - Minimum of Google + and Facebook
  20. 20. Off Page SEO• Off Page SEO is probably the most important factor in making sure that your website ranks well once your foundation is done.• This is work done on websites other than your own.• Your website needs authoritative inbound links in order to rank well.
  21. 21. Off Page SEO Some Link Building Methods• Forum Posting• Article Marketing• Blog Commenting• Directory Submissions• News Announcements and Press Releases• Video Campaign• Web 2.0 Page Development
  22. 22. Off Page SEO Article Marketing Article marketing is a type of advertising in which businesses write short articles about themselves, their company or their field of expertise as a marketing strategy.These articles get published on various websites, blogs and article directories outside the company website.
  23. 23. Article Marketing• Where to post your articles•• Example article:• Slice-in-Your-Golf-Swing?&id=1975178• Family---How-to-Prepare-Your-Child&id=7186767
  24. 24. Article Marketing•••••• A simple search on google for “article directories” will also give you a long list of where you can post.
  25. 25. How To Identify Keywords Google Keyword Tool•
  26. 26. Keyword Tool
  27. 27. Keyword Tool
  28. 28. Outsource Writing•• Articles must be +_500 words• Can find writers for $5-$20 per article depending on what you want.
  29. 29. Off Page Seo More Methods.• Guest Blogging – Contact bloggers and ask them if you can write a guest post, they will let you include a link back to your website.• Video Marketing – Create a short video about your business. Post it on youtube. Be sure to include a link back to your main site in the description. – offers inexpensive options for you to create great looking marketing videos for you business.
  30. 30. Target low competition keywords first
  31. 31. Conclusion• Get Your Foundation Correct By Implementing All of the on-page factors.• Start Building Links to Your Website• Add a steady stream of fresh content to your website.
  32. 32. Why You Need To Outsource• Affordability – Outsourcing your search marketing efforts could cost more than having existing members of your staff perform the duties – but not in the long run! – Since search marketing is not just a one-time task, you will be taking your staff away from the important tasks that they are trained to perform on a daily basis. – You cannot do the same amount of work a dedicated SEO team can do in a month.• Opportunity Costs – Less time will be available for your staff to work on other projects that may have high importance, and less revenue will be able to be generated from these important projects. You can focus on your core business and know that your website rankings are taken care of.• Looking In From The Outside • This can open up new opportunities that would have not been discovered without the perspective of an “outsider” of the industry.• It’s Not a One Time Thing – It is an on-going process• Staying up to date with the latest changes – The rules change basically every year, when Google does major updates.
  33. 33. Why Us?• Proven, Focused and Experienced Search Engine Optimization Company• Ethical Search Engine Optimization Strategies• We Are Focused on Building Long Term Relationships And Success( Your Success Is Our Success)
  34. 34. What we offer..Organic ranking packages from R1500pm.Ask us to do a free full competitor analysis on your market.Go to Fill in the contact us form. Q&A
  35. 35. Questions?