WES 2014 - National Mission on Education Through ICT - Shyama Iyer, IIT Bombay


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WES 2014 - National Mission on Education Through ICT - Shyama Iyer, IIT Bombay

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WES 2014 - National Mission on Education Through ICT - Shyama Iyer, IIT Bombay

  1. 1. SPOKEN TUTORIAL PROJECT - IIT BOMBAY National Mission On Education Through ICT – MHRD, Govt. Of India
  2. 2. WHAT IS SPOKEN TUTORIAL • Spoken tutorial is an audio-video tool used to teach Open Source Software • Students learn a software in short simple steps in an interactive manner • They can replicate the instructions, build and run the highly manageable programs Advantages • In programming there is nothing like writing your own program, compiling and running it • It is well known that listening is always better than reading and that is why this tool works • It helps that instead of reading theory you see the concept in a small program, do it,  practice it and understand it hands on very simply Over 4 lakh students have been trained in colleges, polytechnics and ITI s in the past 3 years !
  3. 3. SPOKEN TUTORIAL TRAINING • For each software the training consists of a first session which is 2 hours long, followed by self revision of the remaining topics and a 1 hour long online assessment test, after a month or so • The 2 hour session or workshop can be accommodated in the lab hours of the related course being taught • Once it is downloaded from the website and installed in the systems, learning can be offline so internet is not needed • The course content includes the Software, 10 minute long video tutorials to cover the various topics, Assignment questions and Instruction sheet • It is suited for individual self learning without the need of an expert Teacher • Students do not need to leave the campus but learn in their own labs • Students do not have to pay 1000s of Rs. to learn- Course, Training, Certificate is FREE of COST • Guidance is provided by team at IIT Bombay
  4. 4. LIST OF SOFTWARE OFFERED Basic IT Skills Multimedia Linux LibreOFFice – Writer, Calc, Impress, Base Firefox Blender GIMP Q-CAD Programming Languages, Web development Database Management C/C++ Java Netbeans Python, Perl PHPMySQL Specialty packages Technical Writing Oscad Gchempaint, JMol OpenFOAM LaTeX Scilab
  5. 5. THANK YOU ! QUESTIONS ? Visit spoken-tutorial.org
  6. 6. THANK YOU ! QUESTIONS ? Visit spoken-tutorial.org