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Rahul Bhaghchandani, CEO, Gujarat University


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National Student Startup and innovation Summit 2017 - University Presentation: Rahul Bhaghchandani, CEO, Gujarat University

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Rahul Bhaghchandani, CEO, Gujarat University

  1. 1. Gujarat University Startup and Entrepreneurship Council (GUSEC) —Major Highlights—
  2. 2. Established; GU was envisaged by Mahatma Gandhi and Sardar Vallabhbhai Acres of land, located centrally in Ahmedabad Affiliated colleges in A’bad-G’nagar belt Students enrolled with the university Ph. D. qualified faculty in the university campus Academic departments in the university campus Post-graduate and doctoral students in the campus Worth of construction projects currently under construction in the campus 1949 260 286 3.89L 250+ 62 ~7K 150Cr The University
  3. 3. Why early-stage support is necessary and why it works, especially for a public-run system?
  4. 4. - Assuming every startup pays a nominal ₹15,000 towards rent and ₹5,000 towards utilities and several other overheads every month, and assuming only half (20) of our startups need such facilities, these startups would together spend around ₹48 lakhs per annum. - The annual budget towards GUSEC, on the other hand, for the first year equalled ₹20 lakhs, which included several non-recurring expenses such as furnishing, electronics, equipment, etc., and recurring expenses such as salaries, etc. ₹48L v ₹20L CASE IN POINT
  5. 5. - This simple arithmetic comparison proves the significance of early-stage support systems such as GUSEC. - This comparison, indeed, does not account for the intellectual property creation, skill development, entrepreneurship development, that took place in lieu of the savings startups accrued towards the significant overhead of having an office space. ₹48L v ₹20L CASE IN POINT
  6. 6. Startups operate out of GUSEC as of today Products and services commercialised in last 12 months Product-focussed startups - a massive advantage Seats at GUSEC premises currently Seats at GUSEC by end of January 2018 Number of affiliated colleges that have appointed GUSEC Faculty Coordinators External mentors on Mentor Board Strategic associations & alliances Sq. ft. of total land allotted towards expansion of GUSEC; to be operationalised by January 2018 47 21 17 ~100 300+ 200+ 50+ 12 60K GUSEC: Quick Facts
  7. 7. Facilities for startups at GUSEC
  8. 8. All-day co-working space in the heart of a vibrant and highly-accessible campus with ultra high speed internet on fibre On-demand mentorship and facilitation Access to University’s infrastructure such as lawns, auditoriums, meeting rooms, classrooms, laboratories, sports facilities, multimedia research centre, etc. Access to University’s connections, references, and network, along with co- working network within GUSEC WORKING SPACE MENTORSHIP INFRA ACCESS NETWORK ACCESS