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Public private partnerships for citizen’s service delivery lessons learnt from ppp sherif


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Public private partnerships for citizen’s service delivery lessons learnt from ppp sherif

  1. 1. Public Private Partnerships for Citizen’s Service Delivery: Lessons Learnt from PPP Sherif El Tokali Assistant Resident Representative eAsia 2011 Dhaka, Bangladesh
  2. 2. Achieving the MDGs Potential of Public Private Partnerships– Fabric of the development and knowledge network which is being built by UNDP– UNDP recognizes the importance of building relationships based on trust between a wide range of stakeholders– Collaborative approaches gear development operations towards investment in technology, skills upgrading and management practices improvement
  3. 3. Achieving the MDGs Potential of Public Private PartnershipsThis is achieved through the engagement of Government Private Sector Civil Society
  4. 4. PPP in EgyptEgypt ICT trust Fund (EICT-TF)
  5. 5. PPP in Egypt Egypt ICT trust Fund (EICT-TF) 6 key areas• Established in 2002 by UNDP 1. Community Development in cooperation with MCIT. 2. Tele-centers• Its objective is to expand the 3. Education innovative utilization of ICT in 4. Health all walks of life to accelerate 5. ICT 4 Disabilities the socio-economic development in Egypt and 6. ICT (M/SMEs) make ICT more accessible and affordable to all citizens via PPP
  6. 6. PPP in Egypt Recognized ICT to Foster Egypts Sustainable Human Development was the first major project implemented by EICT-TF. The project carried out a number of successful initiatives including:• The Smart Schools Network (SSN) • The Mobile IT Unit (MITU), a fleet of ICT equipped buses that travel to• The Community Development rural areas and train those without Portal, winner of ‘E-India 2008 – e- access to technology in basic IT skill. agriculture’ and finalist in the This initiative received the "e- Stockholm Challenge Award 2008 in Agriculture E-INDIA 2008 Award for the area of Economic Development. the best ICT enabled Farming of the year".• The ICT for Illiteracy Eradication (ICT4IE), which has been selected by the World Summit Award (WSA) Grand Jury 2009 as one of the most outstanding examples of creative and innovative e-Content in the world.
  7. 7. Integrated ICT for Siwa Community Development
  8. 8.
  9. 9. Success StoriesIntegrated ICT for Siwa Community Development Objective Key partnersEmpower the Siwa local • PS- Vodafonecommunity in areas of• Literacy • CSO- Siwa Community• Education Development & Environment• Health Conservation Association• E-commerce • Government – MCITThis is achieved throughsmall, integrated, and focused • UNDPinterventions using sustainableICT solutions
  10. 10. Success storiesIntegrated ICT for Siwa Community Development Tabluter Mobile Multi-Head Computing System for Illiteracy Eradication Siwa Siwa E-Commerce Portal
  11. 11. TeleDiagnose
  12. 12. Egov services through Mobile
  13. 13. Twitter: @sytokali @undp_ar