NC Jain, Head-Business Development, Newgen Software Technologies Ltd


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NC Jain, Head-Business Development, Newgen Software Technologies Ltd

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NC Jain, Head-Business Development, Newgen Software Technologies Ltd

  1. 1. Newgen On-Screen Marking System Revolutionizing examination Marking
  2. 2. What it does? • Solution built for effective management of life-cycle of answer scripts accumulated from examinations • The solution automates the traditionally managed examination evaluation system enhancing efficiency and effectiveness of marking processes • It combines automation and high-specification technology to deliver a flexible and powerful marking solution Examiners can perform all marking related activities and submit their marked scripts for review to head examiners
  3. 3. 1. Examination completed 2. Answer scripts collected from examination centres 3. Answer scripts digitized and images uploaded on to computers 4. Images of answer scripts distributed to evaluators for marking via highly secure intranet system 5. Marks and annotations by markers captured by the OSM system The On Screen Marking Process
  4. 4. Key Features Examination Administration  Manage answer scripts and marking schemes pertaining to different disciplines in a paperless environment  Configurable modules for different forms of examinations Result Compilation  Once an answer script is checked results containing allotted marks can be exported into different formats such as .CSV, .PDF etc  Results can be compiled in batches or as per the need of the user Compliance  All marked answer sheets are archived using Newgen award winning Document Management System  As per requirements archived marked scripts can be made available on demand as per regulatory guidelines
  5. 5. Key Features Live Marking  Electronic allocation of answer scripts to certified examiners  Stipulated and governed time frame for online marking of answer sheets on the OSM  Every examiner’s performance is tabbed by a senior examiner for quality control Dashboards  Senior examiners can monitor performance of all examiners in real time  Process drill down data for deeper insights and creation of better performance measures Standardization  The examining body can set up practice evaluation sessions for governing standard procedures for marking papers
  6. 6. Benefits Paper and pen based marking is replaced with online annotation tools Elimination of manual data entry • Improves Accuracy and Efficiency of Marking • No totalling errors • No unchecked questions Ensuring Quality Marking • Centralized monitoring of marking in real time • Ensures complete transparency • Standardization of Marking among examiners • Simplifies coordination and teamwork
  7. 7. Benefits Reduces cost of evaluation process Significant Savings Automated handling and distribution of answer scripts after scanning. Reduced Logistics cost and compliance No need to manually sort answer scripts after marking Accelerates whole process, from distribution of answer scripts to reporting of results. Compliance
  8. 8. Thank you!