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Future classrooms increasing learning achievements ashutosh chadha


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Published in: Technology, Business
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Future classrooms increasing learning achievements ashutosh chadha

  1. 1. Future Classrooms Increasing Learning Achievements Ashutosh Chadha Director Corporate Affairs South Asia Intel Technology December 2011 www.e-asia.org1 INTEL CONFIDENTIAL, FOR INTERNAL USE ONLY
  2. 2. Are our students ready for the new global economy? www.e-asia.org2
  3. 3. From Agrarian to Imagination Economies Agrarian Industrial Information Imagination Concrete Concrete Concrete Concrete Abstract Abstract Abstract Interactive Interactive Creative “Imagination is more important than Knowledge” – Albert Einstein www.e-asia.org3
  4. 4. Role of Educators ¨Prepare students for jobs that haven’t been created… …solve problems that may not even yet exist.¨ ─ former U.S. Education Secretary Richard Riley ¨Give students the inspiration to bring something extra to the world.¨ ─ author Thomas L. Friedman, That Used to Be Us Students will not just take goods job; they need to create jobs. www.e-asia.org4
  5. 5. The future is now… and so is urgency for action Requires: KNOWLEDGE INNOVATION EMPLOYABILTY How we Educate is Key ! www.e-asia.org5
  6. 6. Skills for the Innovation Economy: • Critical thinking • Collaboration • Communication • Problem solving • Project management • Technology literacy Schools must inspire Innovative thinking and its not about technology alone www.e-asia.org6
  7. 7. Typical images of Pre-school... Love of learning is in all of us... Play, Passion and Purpose in Learning www.e-asia.org7
  8. 8. Elementary and High Schools have not evolved... they must! 1811 1979 2011 What it should be www.e-asia.org8
  9. 9. Students deal with difficult concepts when Learning takes instructor in 2 phases place availability is lowest Transmission inside Assimilation outside classroom classroom Learning can be improved if the environment for transmission and assimilation is reversed www.e-asia.org9
  10. 10. The Inverted Classroom… Assimilation inside the Transmission outside classroom the classroom www.e-asia.org10
  11. 11. Shifting the Learning Paradigm www.e-asia.org11
  12. 12. Shifting the Learning Paradigm www.e-asia.org12
  13. 13. Shifting the Learning Paradigm www.e-asia.org13
  14. 14. To Conclude • We need to develop new skills in our children • The structure of the classroom matters • How we deploy technology for use in school & after-school makes a difference • Teacher Professional Development is key to drive a more holistic and complete interaction and learning experience. www.e-asia.org14
  15. 15.