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eWF 2012 brochure_revised


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eWF 2012 brochure_revised

  1. 1. 15 - 16 June 2012, Le Méridien, New Delhi THE PREMIER FORUM For Global Leaders in Governance & IctORGANISERS presented by partner publications Platinum sponsor
  2. 2. Past Leaders @ eWORLD FORUMKapil Sibal Jyotiraditya Scindia Dona Scola Shankar Agarwal R ChandrashekharUnion Minister of Minister of State for Deputy Minister ICT, Additional Secretary, Secretary, DoT, Ministry ofCommunication and Commerce and Industry, Government of Moldova Department of Information Communication & IT, GovtInformation Technology, Government of India Technology, Government of of IndiaGovernment of India IndiaWalter Fust Arvind Mayaram R K Tandon Seema Hafeez Tariq Ahmed KarimPresident of Globethics. Additional Secretary and Managing Director, Indian Sr Economic Affairs Officer, Bangladesh Highnet , Geneva Financial Advisor, Ministry Railways Catering and Division for Public Administration Commissioner & Development Management, of Rural Development, Tourism Corporation UN Department of Economic & Govt. of India Social Affairs and many
  3. 3. Let’s createa new convergenceof ideas for economic advancement, achievements,sustainable development, enhanced security and Dr Ravi Guptatransparent administration through e-Governance Convener, eWorld Forum Editor- in-Chief, eGOV MagazineCitizens are at the core of all e-Governance systems. Enabling and supporting transparentand efficient e-Governance models is the optimal way of fostering a more prosperous andunited society. ICT is playing a matchless role in improving access, quality and effectivenessin governance.Today, as I take the initiative to invite you to the eWorld Forum for 2012, I cannot resist to lookback at the ways in which e-Governance systems have evolved and taken root in our society.The system of administration has already been revamped to a large extent, and in times to UID Open Datacome we can witness even more landmark changes. Directly or indirectly, all of you haveplayed a seminal role in the establishment of e-Governance systems.The impact that e-Governance has had on our society cannot be denied, but perhaps we also Rural Urban Development Governanceneed to recognise the fact that there is now a substantial overload on the term e-Governance.The term “e-Governance” seems to have transmogrified into a metaphor for magical reform.Yes, e-Governance can bring transparency and efficiency, but it is not equivalent to magic.Lot of administrative will, technological outlays and public participation is required to make Transparency egovernance Connectivitye-Governance a success. At times, we are unable to muster the resources from every verticaland then the e-Governance systems, despite the best intentions, only offer lukewarm results.At eWorld Forum 2012, we aim to provide the much needed platform for discussing a new Cloud Dataarray of innovative strategies for making e-Governance a success on a much larger scale. AnalyticsLets get together and deliberate upon the ideas that can lead to further improvements in thesocial, administrative and economic spheres of our country. mGovernance Social MediaI thank all of you for the support that you have provided us over the years, and I also lookforward to your participation the eWorld Forum 2012.
  4. 4. eWorld ForumeWorld Forum, the premier global conference organised annually, was launched by ShreeKapil Sibal, Union Minister of Human Resource Development and Communications and IT, 15 CountriesGovernment of India in 2011. 30 SessionsPresented by eGov magazine and Organised by the Centre for Science, Development and Media 50 PartnersStudies and Elets Technomedia Private Limited, the first edition of the eWorld Forum received 74 Awardsoutstanding support from the Department of Electronics and Information Technology of the 200 SpeakersGovernment of India, who joined us as co-organisers. The National e-Governance Division, National 300 NominationsSpatial Data Infrastructure, Unique Identity Authority of India and the Indira Gandhi National Open 1000000 VotersUniversity have also supported the Forum as co-organisers. 3000 FootfallsOrganisersThe eGov magazine enjoys the distinction of being Asia’s first magazine on e-Governance. ...And ONE BigFounded in 2005, the monthly magazine is published in both print and online formats, and is Stride forfocussed exclusively on the use of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) for bringing e-governanceefficiency, accountability and transparency to various citizen and business related initiatives ofthe government.Elets Technomedia Pvt. Ltd. is the publisher of three popular magazines – eGov, digitalLEARNING andeHEALTH. It is established in year 2003. All three magazines are known for their in-depth coverageof ICT technologies, insightful commentary on stakeholders involved, and interesting perspectives onthe ways by which newer tools from ICT are bringing seminal improvements in people’s lives. Leadingthinkers, politicians, policy makers, academics, authors, experts, industry leaders and administratorsgrace the events and conferences organised by Elets Technomedia Pvt. Ltd. in different locations inAsia and contribute their thoughts and ideas for the general benefit of society.The Centre for Science, Development and Media Studies (CSDMS) is a Non GovernmentalOrganisation located at Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India, CSDMS has been actively involved in the fieldof development research since 1997. With an aim of using ICT innovatively, CSDMS has beencontinuously striving towards achieving greater heights in the space of ICT for
  5. 5. eWorld Forum 2012The eWorld Forum 2012 will be marked by 3 major components-Active ConferenceThe two day international conference oneGovernance will facilitate discussions, the-matic sessions, workshops, round tables andleadership panels to facilitate multi-stakeholderpartnerships and networking among the gov-ernments, industry, academia and civil societyorganisations of different countries. Awards Aimed at recognising global innovation and excellence the awards, will place the spotlight on the, innovators business leaders, investors, administrators and the thinkers who have significantly contributed towards the growth and development of eGovernance. Exhibition As a global showcase of eGov technologies and practices, the Forum will present the biggest ever eGov Expo participated “ The focus of eGovernance should primarily be for the benefit by stakeholders from the ICT industry, of citizens only and not for the providing a right branding opportunity for products and services in governance. benefit of a particular department ” Shankar Agarwal, Additional Secretary, ministry of defence, Government of India
  6. 6. tHEMES & tRACKS1 Proactively 3 5 session Open session Government cyber security, Public safety & Disaster management 2• The role of ICT standards in providing transparency in governments session biometrics• Open innovations versus standardisation • ICT interventions in Public security and• Open Data Access systems & safety • Biometric trends, challenges and networking • Disaster risk-knowledge management, opportunities• All government websites in web 2.0 evolving solutions, & capacity building • Large-scale government programs• Social Networking • Securing the diverse ICT network • Privacy protection and ethical• CFM • Strategies for tackling cyber attacks challenges session • Defence systems & Making Indian forces • Commercial and Public Sector 4 equipped with cutting edge ICT biometrics ICT for Urban • Biometrics and Identity Assurance Governance • Biometrics and identity as a software National /State Data Center National /State WideArea service • Covers 28 states and 7 union Network territories • Covers 28 states and 7 union • Urban planning and Sustainable urban • Scheme approved in Jan territories 2008 at an estimated cost of • Total outpay of the `3334 mobility ` 1623.2 crores crores • Understanding Emerging technologies session and solutions from Industry National / National / State State Wide • GIS Data Center Area Network • JNNURM Virtualisation & Cloud Common • Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) and Virtualizations of hardware and software Total estimated cost Service ` 10699.2 crores Center • Is virtualisation necessary for data centre efficiency? • Strategies for improving efficiency of data centres and networking infrastructure Common Service Center • 1 lakh CSCs in 600,000 villages • Cloud computing- practices & trend • Estimated cost of ` 5742 crores • Infrastructure cloud, software cloud, application cloud, and business cloud • Infrastructure cloud, software cloud, application cloud and business
  7. 7. tHEMES & tRACKS6 session Power & Green IT• Green IT Applications in Power sector• Environment and energy management Power Reforms 8 session 9 session e-Governance Strategies & framework • What is the green future of ICT • Per Capita consumption m-Gov Services• How can ICT be used to improve efficiency of of Power 700 Units P A Technology • Reforms & Acts power sector • Electricity Generation 725 Bn units Framework • Best Practices in e-Governance: India and abroad • Rural Electrification 47% • Sixth largest producer & • Mobile service delivery gateway • Public Private Partnerships7 Consumer of electricity in • Social networking • Reaching out to marginalised population 10 the world • Bringing development to rural areas • Consumers connected to • Mobile technology for healthcare man- Indian Power Grid > 75Mn session agement in remote locations • Villages electrified 83% • India needs 120 Bn USD • M-VAS Eco-system investment by 2014 to overcome power deficit sessionEnabling e-Gov: ICT Best practicese-services delivery in PSU’s• Citizen services • ICT leads to more efficiency in PSUs• Business services • Transparency in operations• Innovation in Implementation & project • The sale and purchases can be handled management through e-Tendering• Service providers
  8. 8. eworld awardseWorld Forum 2012 presents the country’s most prestigiousawards in the governance sector to felicitate and recognizethe achievers, innovators and suppliers who have significantlycontributed towards the growth and development of eGovernanceParticipating in the Awards is a superb wayto promote business effectiveness• There is publicity on National and international.• You will be able to showcase your product, service, best practice on an international platform and influence accepted international best practice.• Huge opportunity for visibility as your project will be open to millions of online voters • Leads to the formation of partnerships (even cross country) to exchange information and experiences.• Top nominations receive finalist’s pins on the web.• All finalists will also be given the opportunity to further showcase and share their story in egov magazine’s indepth issue on eWorld Forum with ( Send Your Nomination eWorld Public Choice Award• One complementary conference registration to attend Nominations are invited from government and non- • Nominated projects will be screened and put online eWorld Forum 2012. governmental organisations (NGOs), bi-lateral, multi- for the public to vote. Projects receiving the maxi-• Innovation is encouraged. lateral developmental organisations, private institutions mum number of votes under each category will and enterprises for the eWorld Awards 2012 receive the eWorld Public Choice Award. Each applicant will be required to fill in a Self-Nomination form and send it to us by May 5th, 2012. eWorld Jury Choice Award • Nominations will be screened by an eminent panel of jury members, who will then choose the best project Awards Nomination Fees from each category. The selected project will receive The nomination fee for each nomination of project is INR 15,000/ the eWorld Jury Choice Award. USD
  9. 9. eworld awards CategoriesThe eWorld Awards 2012 would recognise excellence in the following fields This Award honours excellence in the field of agricultural Government organisations, NGOs, bi-& multi-lateral agenciesBest ICT-enabled Telecentre InitiativeAgriculture production, agricultural extension services, crop advisory, of the Year and private enterprises that demonstrate extraordinary effort,Initiative of the Year agricultural marketing and agro-business with use of ICT. innovation, leadership, and excellence in the use of digital technologies to support.Best Government to This Award will recognise the best initiative for providingCitizen Initiative of better government services to citizens through the use of Best Government The portal of a government agency, department, board,the Year ICT. Portal of the Year commission or any-other public-facing entity that most effectively disseminates information while also providing The best initiative made for making it easier to do business online access to range of services.Best Governmentto Business (G2B) in India through the use of ICT, We could consider initiativesInitiative of the Year like online registration of companies, e-filing of taxes, Best Initiative The Award will recognise the best initiative made for e-compliance certificates, etc. for Localised developing applications and content in local languages to Application/Content enables better access to government services for citizens.Best Government to This catergory will recognise the best ICT-backed initiative thatGovernment (G2G) has made it easier, more efficient and effective for government The Award will recognise innovations in the governance Best e-GovernanceInitiative of the Year departments or agencies to interact with one another Initiative using New services like e-Commerce including m-governance services, Age Technologies service using the Cloud, Data Centre-based services, etc.Best ICT-enabled The Award honours those initiatives that have used ICTUrban Governance tools to provide and improve services, transactions and Use of ICT in Public Agencies that have deployed ICT for developing plans,Initiative of the Year interactions with citizens and businesses in an urban Safety, Security & processes, strategies and solutions to better management of setting. Disaster Management public safety and security in disasters management.Best ICT-enabled The Award honours initiatives in the field of rural Best use of ICT for The Public Sector Undertakings that have extensively usedRural Development development using ICT; Initiatives for strengthening the Public Sector Units ICT with an objective of planning, promoting and organising anInitiative of the Year rural governance bodies through effective community integrated development of the government sector in the country. participation; for better delivery of rural services. Best e-Governance This category will recognise the best India-based channelBest Initiative for The Award honours excellence in delivery of services via Channel Partner of partner of a company registered outside India. In order to beElectronic Delivery the Internet and other electronic platforms, which includes the Year eligible, the local partner and international principal must beof Services (EDS) e-commerce, mobile transaction services for handling online engaged in government business and the partnership must orders, application hosting by ASPs, etc. have been in existence for at least the past two years.
  10. 10. make the most of your presence@eWorld Exhibition 2012Opportunity to showcase your product to a niche audience of 1500+ decision makers from the governance andcorporate industry• The eWorld Forum 2012 will host a prolific range of exhibits featuring the best in cutting edge developments in the ICT & Governance arena across the globe.• An excellent platform to meet experts in governance sector and to discuss new trends and developments in industry• A great opportunity to exhibit and showcase your company and products to a global 2 3 4 5 audience 9 sqm 9 sqm 9 sqm 9 sqm• Cultivate prosperous business relations with colleagues, scientists and decision 1 makers for innovative activities and strategies and inventive Marketing Solutions at 6 the Global level 9 sqm 24 sqm 15 16 7 Exit Entry 18 sqm 18 sqm 9 sqm 14 13 12 11 10 9 8 12 sqm 9 sqm 9 sqm 9 sqm 9 sqm 9 sqm 18
  11. 11. who should attend RegistrationThe conference will be particularly interesting for:• Ministers of different countries• Secretary level officials from various departments from India and abroad, Chief Secretaries and other administrators• Heads of e-Government Institutions, The CIOs, CTOs could also be participating Conference Registration fee:• Key Decision Makers from government space Early Bird Registration till 5th May ` 8000 or USD 200 plus taxes @ 12.36 %• Officials from bilateral and multilateral agencies Registration from 5th May to 30th May ` 9000 or USD 225 plus taxes @ 12.36 %• ICT entrepreneurs, Industry representatives and experts On the spot registration 1st June to 16th June ` 10000 or USD 250 plus taxes @ 12.36 %• Representatives from NGOs and civil society organizations (Registration fee entitles the delegate to attend Keynote session, workshops, technical sessions, sponsored sessions and exhibition on 15-16 June 2012)Benefit from• Extensive & in-depth conference sessions on more than 10 thematic areas in the field of e-Governance. Payment Method Option 1. Cheque / Demand DraftEngage with colleagues and experts• Handling similar ICT projects, dealing with transformation in governance and ICT drawn in favor of Elets Technomedia Pvt Ltd payable at New Delhi and to be send to Elets Technomedia Pvt Ltd, Stellar IT Park, 7A/7B, 5th Floor, Tower – 2, C-25 , Sector 62,Witness Noida, Uttar Pradesh 201309• Innovative solutions from within the Indian ICT industry and from rest of the Option 2. Wire transfer world. The exhibition will be designed to showcase cutting edge developments in ICT. For account details, please visit Option 3. Online payment
  12. 12. eWorld 2011 co-organisers For Programme Enquiries Contact: eWorld Forum Secretariat Manjushree Reddy, Mobile: +91-9910998064, Elets Technomedia Pvt Ltd Sunil Kumar, Mobile: +91-8860635837, Stellar IT Park, Office No: 7A/7B,5th floor Tower - 2, C-25 , Sector 62, Noida, Uttar Pradesh 201309 For Sponsorship & Exhibition Enquiries Contact: Email: Ragini Srivastava, Mobile: +91-8860651650, For Award Nomination/Conference Registration: Gaurav +91-8527697685,,