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Elets eUttarakhand summit '15 - Shyama Iyer, Spoken Tutorial Project, MHRD, Govt. of India


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Elets eUttarakhand summit '15 - Shyama Iyer, Spoken Tutorial Project, MHRD, Govt. of India

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Elets eUttarakhand summit '15 - Shyama Iyer, Spoken Tutorial Project, MHRD, Govt. of India

  1. 1. E-Governance using Open Source Software – Spoken Tutorial Shows the Way Shyama Iyer – MS, MBA…..USA National Coordinator – Training… Spoken Tutorial, IIT Bombay, NMEICT, MHRD, Govt. of India
  2. 2. ● Software is a general term for the various kinds of programs used to operate computers and related devices. ● Some well known software that we use everyday –Operating System - Microsoft Windows, Linux, Solaris etc –Browser – Internet Explorer, Firefox –Office Suite – Microsoft Office, OpenOffice –Tools for Numerical Computing – MATLAB, Scilab –Graphic Tools - Adobe PhotoShop, GIMP –CAD Tools – AutoCAD, Archimedes –RDBMS – Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL –.... and many others for different purposes
  3. 3. FOSS Examples  Operating Systems: Linux, Symbian, GNU Project, NetBSD.  Servers: Apache, Tomcat, MediaWiki, Drupal, WordPress, Eclipse, Moodle, Joomla  Programming Languages: Java, JavaScript, PHP, Python, Ruby  Client software: Mozilla Firefox, Mozilla Thunderbird, OpenOffice, Songbird, Audacity, 7- Zip  Digital Content: Wikipedia, Wiktionary, Project Gutenberg
  4. 4. Spoken Tutorial Project – An Award Winning MOOCs • We are running a successful IT training program since the last 4 years • To date we have trained close to 8 lakh students and teachers across India • This is through self-learning material and offered in distance education method • The focus is imparting IT Skills • These are for 2 purposes – Skills Focus for Employment and Academic focus for improving exam performance • MHRD funded so entire program with Certificates is FREE of COST • In colleges, Volunteers organise the training • Our organisation at IIT Bombay has managers representing different states • We are moving the Education-Extension way and tied with 67 affiliating universities
  5. 5. List of Software Offered Basic IT Skills Multimedia, Sciences, Maths  Linux, Firefox, BASH  LibreOFFice – Writer, Calc, Impress, Base  Blender  Scilab  GIMP, Q-CAD, Inkscape  Gchempaint, Jmol  Cell Designer Programming Languages, Web development Database Management, Scripting Software  C/C++, Java, Netbeans,  Java Business Applications  Python, Perl  PHPMySQL Specialty packages Technical Writing  Oscad, OpenFOAM  LaTeX, Cell Designer  Ascend, JMolApplications
  6. 6. From DeitY – Ministry of Communications & IT, Govt. Of India
  7. 7. Government of India Policy for E-Governance - ….shall endeavour to adopt Open Source Software in all e-Governance systems implemented by various Government organizations, as a preferred option in comparison to Closed Source Software," said the policy statement, put on the website of the Department of Electronics and Information Technology. However, the new policy clearly states that "All Government Organizations, while implementing e-Governance applications and systems must include a specific requirement in Request for Proposal (RFP) for all suppliers to consider open source software (OSS) along with closed source software while responding. Suppliers shall provide justification for exclusion of OSS in their response, as the case may be." The move is also in line with several governments across the world which prefer open source and open standards for development of their applications and services. The United States, United Kingdom and several countries in the European Union also prefer use of open source over proprietary software. The Indian government has already upped its use of open source technology. Its crowdsourcing platform is a case in point, which has been developed entirely on open source technology………………..Economic Times April 5th
  8. 8. E-Governance & FOSS ● In the wide spread of e-Governance, there are innumerable applications of e-Governance which help the quality of life. ● The major ingredients of e-Governance are Connectivity, Information, Skill set, Budget. ● The cost of software is the major hurdle in introducing novel beneficial e-Governance applications. ● This can be mitigated using free and Open Source Software(OSS). ● e-Governance frame work elements like planning, audits, budgeting (impacted positively by use of Free & Open Source Software(FOSS). ● The return on investment is the major focus of the governments made possible with FOSS ● Financial burden on public reduced so they enjoy the real fruits of e- Governance applications.
  9. 9. E-Governance functions FOSS and Spoken Tutorials  Health Care – meticulous record keeping MySQL  Higher Education – All FOSS  Commerce & Industry – Office Suite tools for documentation, and simple statistics  Election Commission – LO Writer, Base and Math for data  Primary Educaton – Basic IT Skills  Vocational & Skill training – Programming, Multimedia  Infrastructure – GIMP, Inkscape,  Tourism – LO Suite, Blender  Finance & Taxation – Documentation, Calc  Textile & Garment – GIMP, Calc for mini databases
  10. 10. E-governance and FOSS  If it is e-governance it must be Open Source, PMO  NIC says, 'Linux is Numero Uno to support govt. and educational domains'  E-mails, web servers will depend on Linux  E-governance applications in Kerala (100%)  Tamil Nadu Govt. IT Dept. has issued order for mandatory installation of Linux in all departments  Maharashtra govt. Police headquarters, Election office..has saved Rs.90 crore due to FOSS and has used that money to purchase computers  Karnataka, Gujarat, Assam schools have moved to FOSS  Ministry of Communications and IT, Govt. of India has a FOSS Initiative Cell
  11. 11. Taking it forward in Uttarakhand - All Departments  Linux and BOSS Linux tutorials – Initiative of DeitY  LibreOffice (Writer, Calc, Impress) – equal to Word, Excel, Powerpoint.  PHP – Web Development  MySQL – Database Management Systems  Firefox – Browser for Internet use  Advantages –  Self learning video tutor, no need for expert trainer  Save time and money (Very nominal charges, Rs.300- 500/employee)  Learn in Hindi and other languages including English
  12. 12. FOSS – Boon for E-Governance – The Hindu CHENNAI: Open source software in e-governance should receive a shot in the arm now that the first national resource centre on free and open source software is being set up at Anna University. In 2002, the Government of Tamil Nadu became the first State Government to make open source the policy choice of government departments. Even so, according to a recent report by Anna University, 80 per cent of applications run by government departments use Microsoft Office, which costs Rs. 18,000 a package. Great saving - The report suggests that by using open source software, instead of Microsoft Office, the Government can generate enormous savings even while continuing to use other proprietary software applications.
  13. 13. Economics Component Cost of Proprietary Cost of FOSS Savings Remarks Solution (in RS.) Solution (in Rs.) (in Rs.) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Server 15.0 L 7.5 L 7.5 L OS 0.50 L Free 0.50 L RDBMS 22.0 L Free 22.0 L Application Server 18.0 L Free 18.0 L Development Tools Included Free Zero Software Development 20.0 L 25.0 L - 5.0 L ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Total 75.5 L 32.5 L 43.0 L Saving of 43L L
  14. 14. Indian Govt. Perspective  “On account of the enormous size and scope of the e-Governance efforts in India and because of the availability of India’s globally recognized software talent, we must actively encourage open source software implementations and open standards, wherever possible. This can help us to develop cost effective solutions and improve scaling up, while minimizing delays.”  -National Knowledge Commission, in formulation of the national e-Governance and ICT implementation.  The European Union, South Africa, Brazil, Peru, Hong Kong and parts of the U.S., have taken active steps to make open source code software the default software used in government organisations
  15. 15. Letter from an IITB Prof.  Dear Kannan, This semester I taught our introductory programming course (In C) SI-415. I introduced the students to the Spoken Tutorials on C and used some of them in class (for example on functions, pointers etc.). The students also took the test. 1) I found that most important is that their fear will go away. They feel that because they are learning in short simple steps they also can replicate the instructions and run the programs. In this way the initial barrier will break down. In programming it is always better and there is nothing like writing your own program, compiling and running it. 2) Even for language features like function, recursion, link list--- the same approach is used, all manageable programs which they can build and run. This builds their confidence highly. 3) It is well known that listening is always better than reading and that is why this works and is suited for independent learning. 4) It helps that instead of reading theory you see the concept in a small program, do it, practice it and understand it hands on very simply. It is interactive in nature and hence works. I highly recommend Spoken Tutorials as a resource for a first course in C.
  16. 16. Training Manager-Uttarakhand Akanksha Saini Email Id : Mobile no. : 09757052310 Prof. Kannan Moudgalya (Principal Investigator) Email Id: Mobile No:09869326979 Shyama Iyer (National Coordinator – Training) Email Id: Mobile No: 09702545816