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elets 2nd eJharkhand Summit 2016 - Dr C S Kumar, Transport Commissioner, Government of Odisha


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elets 2nd eJharkhand Summit 2016 - IoT & Importance of New Age Technology for Securing Cities & Urban Infrastructure in the Smart City Ecosystem - Dr C S Kumar, Transport Commissioner, Government of Odisha

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elets 2nd eJharkhand Summit 2016 - Dr C S Kumar, Transport Commissioner, Government of Odisha

  1. 1. Presented by: Dr. Chandra Shekhar Kumar,IAS Transport Commissioner, Odisha
  2. 2. Mission Road Safety and Modernization activities are being emphasized by Transport Department, to improve the quality of service delivery to the citizens and make our road safe. Directives from Supreme Court Committee on Road Safety.
  3. 3. Road Safety and Modernization EnactmentEngineering Enforceme nt Education Ecosystem
  4. 4. Agenda for Discussion: Modernization 1. ‘VAHAN’- for Registration Certificate at RTO 2. ‘SARATHI’-for Driving License at RTO 3. Online LL application and Appointment 4. Online DL application and Appointment 5. STALL-System Terminal based LL Test
  5. 5. Agenda for Discussion: Modernization 6. E_Enforcement through online application 7. Endorsement of DL offence in Smart DL Cards 8. SMS Services for various transactions 9. Camp in Colleges for issue of License. 10.Traffic Training Park. 11.Traffic Rules Violation Counselling Centre.
  6. 6. Agenda for Discussion: Road Safety 12. Road Safety Initiatives • Roads Ahead 13. GIS based Road Mapping 14. Installation of CCTV in Public Transport 15. Inspection and Certification Centre 16. Automated Driving Training System 17. Role of Urban Local Bodies.
  7. 7. VAHAN • VAHAN is a comprehensive online system for all activities related to Vehicle Registration at Regional Transport Offices as mandated by Central Motor Vehicle Acts/Rules. • Also deals with Fitness, collection of Fees & Taxes, Permits, Enforcement activities, etc.
  8. 8. Vahan- Achievements Sl Transaction Description Appox. Transaction of Last Year 1. Issue of New Registration Certificate in Smart Card 5.2 lakh 2. Issue of Fitness Certificate in Securitized Doc 3.5 lakh 3. Issue of Permits for CC & Goods Vehicle 1.8 lakh 4. VCR entry and disposal 2.5 lakh 5. Collection of MV Tax for monthly/Quarterly /Yearly tax paid vehicles 6.0 lakh 6. Collection of fees for various services (TO/HPA/HPC/NOC/CC/ RR/VCR etc) 14 lakh 7. Issue of TO/HPA/NOC/HPA/HPC/CC 11.5 lakh 8. Issue of Renewal/duplicate RC 1.5 lakh
  9. 9. SARATHI • ‘Sarathi’ is a comprehensive online system for all the activities related to issuance of Driving License by Regional Transport Offices. • This deals with the issuance of Learner’s License, Permanent Driving License, renewal of driving license, Conductor’s License, and Driving School License etc.
  10. 10. Paper Based Driving License & Registration Certificate Replaced With Securitized Micro Chip based Smart Card Scope
  11. 11. SARATHI-Achievements Sl Transaction Description Appox. Transaction of Last Year 1. Issue of Learner’s License 5.5 lakh 2. Issue of Permanent Driving License in Smart Card 4.0 lakh 3. Addition of Vehicle Class to the Existing DL 2.5 lakh 4. Issue of Renewal of DL & Duplicate DL 1.5 lakh 5. Issue of Conductor License 0.2 lakh 6. Collection of various Fees of LL & DL 12 lakh
  12. 12. STALL (System Test Aid for Learner License) – Computerized Leaner License Test Earlier, Learner License applicants were tested verbally. The allegation of use of discretion in test was a common feature. The system has been modernized. The applicant is required to appear a user friendly computer based test, with instant result.
  13. 13. • Test is available in English, Hindi & Odiya languages • Easy to answer the questions • 20 questions to answer with 12 correct answers to pass • Question bank is available in the departmental website to come prepare before test Features
  14. 14. Features • Result transfers to SARATHI for issuance or rejection of LL without manual intervention
  15. 15. • The offences are digitally stored. • This helps in blocking further transactions of the vehicle if the vehicle check report is not disposed off. • E-VCR is issued through a tough book computer which can operate in odd weather conditions. E-VCR (Vehicle Check Report)– Features Traffic Inspector Challaning using e-VCR
  16. 16. • The offences under Driving Licenses is endorsed in the drivers’ Smart Card based Driving License as well as available in DL database to trace the offender. • Action to cancel the Driving License can be taken on the basis of repeating offence by the same license holder E-VCR (Endorsement of Offence on DL Card)– Features
  17. 17. Use of Tablets in Fitness Testing • Inspection of vehicles are Photograph of the Vehicle are taken during inspection for fitness certification. The photograph in all directions of the vehicle including the chassis is taken using a tablet to and linked to RC record
  18. 18. SMS Service System generated SMS are being sent to vehicle owners on their registered mobile number on i) receipt of fees and road tax, ii) approval of his application iii) assignment of registration number, iv) issue of Permits, v) Vehicle Check Report, vi) Learner License services, vii) Despatch of Driving License and Registration Certificates etc. viii) More than 30,000 SMS being sent every day.
  19. 19. • Massive steps are being taken to conduct Camps in degree colleges for issuance of licenses and educate them on: • Rule of roads • Road Safety measures • And Issue LL to students having no LL/DL Issue of Learner License in Colleges
  20. 20. Odisha Motor Vehicle Department : Online Services.
  21. 21. Establishment of Call Centre/Help Line • A Call Centre/Help line is operational with toll free No. 1800 345 1073 to help, guide on various initiatives/ services of the department and register complaints, if any, with compliance monitoring. • About 4000 calls have been registered and resolved.
  22. 22. Outcomes i.e. impact/benefits resulting from the initiative Satisfied Customer: Visit to RTO office reduced Digital record Management Integrates with VAHAN and SARATHI system Timely collection Of revenue Reduced cash transaction, increasing online transaction Decentralized Data Entry - Increases reliability SMS alert on Every transaction Data sharing to all stake holders including public
  23. 23. Road Safety & Traffic Training Parks Department has established Traffic Training Park at Cuttack and Bhubaneswar to facilitate training free of cost for two wheeler riders and to create traffic and road safety awareness. Special timing have been fixed to impart training to all lady trainees by lady trainers.
  24. 24. Road Safety initiatives • State Road Safety Council has been constituted under the Chairmanship of Hon’ble Minister, Commerce & Transport which monitors road safety activities at the state level. • A Lead Agency on Road Safety has been formed to co-ordinate road safety activities with different departments. It is acting as the secretariat of the State Road Safety Council • District road safety committees have been constituted in all Districts of the State which co- ordinates road safety activities at the district level
  25. 25. Road Safety initiatives • As per direction of Supreme Court Committee on Road Safety around 25000 driving licenses of the offenders have been suspending in a period of 12 months. • Joint Enforcement against Drunken Driving are being conducted. • A First Aid Training Centre has been opened at Driving Test Centre, Bhubaneswar in association with St. John Ambulance.
  26. 26. Road Safety initiatives : Identification of Blackspots 246 Black spots have been identified on NHs., SHs. & M.D.Rs. Of the state, as per the guideline of MoRT&H Short term, medium term and long term steps are being taken by the Road authorities to rectify the defects.
  27. 27. Road Map Ahead
  28. 28. GIS Mapping • A application of GIS based Road Mapping of entire road network of the State is being developed to project the routes for public transport system, • This will enhance the centralized route timing • Identify route for operating public transport system, • It will help in increasing bus services to the remote areas of the State.
  29. 29. Installation of CCTV camera in Public Transport • Installation of CCTV cameras in the stage carriages. This will enhance the safety of the passengers specially women passengers , violation of permit condition by taking excess passengers, good behavior of staff and passengers, • The detailed project report for Installation of CCTV is under preparation.
  30. 30. Inspection & Certification Centre • An initiative by MoRTH, Government of India for an effective mechanized vehicle inspection system for enhancing road safety is being established at Arilo, Cuttack. Two more I&C Centre by Mar 17. The vehicle physical conditions will be checked at a high precession rate for controlling and standardizing the vehicle condition in view of road safety & emissions.
  31. 31. Automated Driving Testing System • In order to test driving skill, Automated Driving Testing System (ADTS) are being implemented in 17 RTOs to ensure transparency while issuing DL. • The ADTS will have electronic sensors/ camera which will help in grading the driver’s skill and knowledge on driving. • This will also integrate to ‘Sarathi’ application.
  32. 32. Issues with BMC and BDA • Implementation of Odisha Outdoor Advertisement and Hoarding Policy 2015. Third Party Auditing of Hoardings. • Removal of Illegal Encroachment on Pedestrian Path. Street Vendors (Protection of Livelihood and Regulation of Street Vending Act 2014.) • SMILE : Smart Mobility Through Intelligent and Legal Enforcement.
  33. 33. Issues with BMC and BDA. • There are around 8 lakhs vehicles and 26000 autos in the city. • Implementation of School Bus Policy. • Intelligent Traffic Lighting System. • Adequate Parking Spaces for Light and Heavy Vehicles.