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Digital learning (innovation in science)


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Digital learning (innovation in science)

Published in: Education
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Digital learning (innovation in science)

  1. 1. Ryan International School Greater Noida NOMINATION FOR aWARD CATEGORY: SCHOOL EDUCATION SUB CATEGORY : innovation in science education
  2. 2. Key Elements of this Programme In this programme images taken the night before with the 24" and 32" telescopes at the Astronomical Research Institute (ARI) Observatory, located at Charleston, Illinois - 61920. Students make original discoveries of Main Belt asteroids and important observations that contribute to the NASA Near-Earth Object (NEO) Program at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory (Pasadena, CA). This programme enables students to get exclusive access to astronomy images which are otherwise not accessible till the post graduate level, and get training in advanced data analysis and software as well as interact with international scientists, all of which builds up to an invaluable real time research experience.
  3. 3. discover the earth-threatening objects... Every year our school students contribute to the search of earth- threatening celestial objects such as asteroids, NEO, Near Earth Objects etc. This year too (2013 – 14), our school team comprising of two budding astronomers has been very tirelessly and cautiously studying the image sets sent by Dr. Miller from USA with the help of the software “Astrometrica” and successfully discovered 2 Near Earth Objects which is no doubt a great achievement for this youngsters.
  4. 4. Marine Pollution Project •After research students made model on depicted marine pollution. •Collaborative learning with students of brazil on water pollution in river Amazon and Ganges Collaborative learning with students of Nepal on abiding the four rules of the nature – REFUSE ,REUSE ,REDUCE ,RECYCLE Website designing on water conservation to create awareness Symposium conducted on Amazon and Ganges rivers Create awareness for water conservation and its ways. L E A R N I N G N I N G O U T C O M E SCIENCE PARK
  5. 5. Experimentation and model making to help for designing a space coleney. Students were encouraged to research and study the surface of space using latest tools and technology to make contribution to the society. HOW TO CREATE COLONY IN SPACE
  6. 6. LEARNNG TO PREPARE DIFFERENT ROBOTS TO WORK IN SPACE Students learn to develop various instruments of basic usage through using basic concepts of robotics . Leading to creativity and innovation in young minds.
  7. 7. Mission impossible – visit to nasa and learn how to launch a sattelite
  8. 8. Hands on experiments to understand celestial bodies