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This is a pdf of the work Elephantik LLC, Joseph Maguire, & Ksenia Maguire.

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Elephantik Creative Presentation

  1. 1. We’re Elephantik LLC, a design studio that builds ‘big ideas’.We’re a team of two that enjoys the creative processand seeing our work come to life.Our focus is on building unique relationships with ourclients; providing them with both strategic marketing andbrand-focused creative. We work with local, national, andinternational clients. We’re looking to build new bridges andcreate unique, imaginative work. Email us today for new work
  2. 2. BRAND PROCESSElephantik’s Creative Process Email us today for new work
  3. 3. BRANDING & DESIGNCreative Case Studies Email us today for new work
  4. 4. PIERCE MFGInteractive History Section & Historical Timeline SlideshowChallenge: Solution: Execution:Pierce Manufacturing, a client of The Elephantik offered its art direction Created a 20-page interactive application, usingAtom Group (TAG), wanted to publicly and interactive design services the TR brand guidelines. Focused on design andannounce their 100th anniversary on while working directly with the functionality for the user interface. DesignedJanuary 1st, 2013. To do this, they TAG information architecture and Navigatable PDFs and worked alongside thewanted a publicity campaign that development teams to create a timeline testing development team.included overhauling the existing and an updated history section thatHistory section of their website.. best showcased Pierce Manufacturing’s 100 years in business. We did this while keeping in mind the challenge of creating web-friendly content for the desktop, iPad desktop devices. The most unique aspect of this project was being able to research and explore the rich history that Pierce Manufacturing has within the fire truck automotive industry, and to apply that new found knowledge to their History section. The logic behind the timeline’s background being a brick wall was to create an atmosphere similar to that of a fire department’s own wall of photography and historical memorabilia. Email us today for new work
  5. 5. BRANDING & INTERACTIVECreative Case Studies Email us today for new work
  6. 6. BARE NUTRITIONWebsite Design, Development, & Facebook IntegrationChallenge: Solution: Execution:To redesign and help promote the We architected and designed a tree of websites and The site launched in March 2011,interactive presence for a health social media fan pages that both represented their as a fully customized WordPressconscious beverage company. individual product brands, ( Chia/Vie & Recovery Brik ) site with a custom storefront, and and the parent brand ( Bare Nutrition ). We worked in with a custom Facebook landing- partnership with Miller Creative, using their created page. That Fan Page now has over branding & packaging work for Bare Nutrition and 1k fans in 2012. Chia/Vie as a basis for creating a visual language for the user interface that felt fun, healthy, and uplifting. For their e-commerce needs we designed and built a custom e-commerce storefront into the site that con- nected to several sub brand sites and to their social media fan page on Facebook. Additionally, we focused on reaching out to Bare Nutrition’s fan base through social media by: creating a user-generated photo gal- lery on the Bare Nutrition site, a ‘person of the month’ section, and a Facebook landing page. Email us today for new work
  7. 7. BARE NUTRITION & CHIA VIE.comInteractive Site Architecture & Design Email us today for new work
  8. 8. BARE NUTRITION & CHIA VIE.comInteractive Site Architecture & Design Email us today for new work
  9. 9. BARE NUTRITION & CHIA VIE.comInteractive Site Architecture & Design Email us today for new work
  10. 10. BARE NUTRITION & CHIA VIE.comInteractive Site Architecture & Design Email us today for new work
  11. 11. THOMSON REUTERSthompsonreuters-GRF ( Global Roles Framework )Challenge: Solution: Execution:To create an interactive Created a large-scale Created a 20-page interactivesite for TR managers to web-site with information application, using the TRgive roles to employees, driven .pdf guides. brand guidelines. Focused onand to guide their Elephantik created the design and functionality foremployee’s career paths. architecture, and the UX the user interface. Designed which had an overwhelm- Navigatable PDFs and ingly positive response worked alongside the testing from their built-in review development team. website software. Email us today for new work
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  17. 17. BRANDING QUESTIONAIRECreative Case Studies Email us today for new work
  18. 18. ASHCROFT GROUPMultiple Law Firms Brand Identity SystemsChallenge: Solution: Execution:To create a parent brand We solved this unique We created an identity,and consistent secondary branding problem by brand style guide,branded groups. creating an original type collateral set. family that could be used for secondary brands. Email us today for new work
  19. 19. , LL C of t G ro up Th e A sh cr N .W. Ave nu e, 13 99 N ew Yo rk 00 5 to n, D C 20 Was hi ng Su ite 95 0 ro up llc .c om as hc ro ftg LLC artti fir st na m e@ oup, 16 . 2.942.r , N.WJohn Deg ident of Marketing P. 0202 F. 20 r o 202.942. T h e A s hc ft G 02 r k Av enue 2000 5Senior Vice Pres Ne w Yo to n , DC 1399 h in g .com Wa s u p ll c ro up llc .c om it e 9 50 r o ft g ro 216 a sh cr of tg S u a m e @ a s h c . 202.942.0 fi r s tn F 2.0 202 , LL C 2.94 of t G ro up tti eting P. 20 Th e A sh cr e, N .W. D e g a r ent of Mark m rk Ave nu ll c . c o 13 99 N ew Yo John ice Presid 5 D C 20 00 roup hi ng to n, rV roftg Su ite 95 0 Was Senio ashc as hc ro ftg ro up llc .c om artti fir st na m e@ 0216 John Deg ident of Marketing P. 202.94 2.0202 F. 202.942. Pr es Senior Vice ro up llc .c om a sh cr of tg Email us today for new work
  20. 20. McINTOSH LABSBrand Guidelines, Brand Analysis, Competitor Brand AnalysisChallenge: Solution: Execution:McIntosh Labs is a top of To Solve this challenge We solved this unique setthe line audio equipment we had to dig deeper and of challenges by creating 3manufacturer, but their discover all of their documents, a current brandcurrent brand is facing current challenges, and analysis, a competitor brandmany challenges including we offered them strategic analysis and a set of brandsocial media branding in- suggestions for the future. guidelines.consistencies, packagingdesign, and web design. Email us today for new work
  21. 21. CONTENTS MENU SOCIAL MEDIA PRODUCT BRAND INTERACTIVE MARKETING PALETTE TYPOGRAPHY CONCLUSIONS SOCIAL MEDIA McIntosh Brand Usage 7 McIntosh Brand Usage 8 Gold with World Icon Full Color Green with World Icon 3 color Facebook Duplicate Pages & Different Brand Usages Brand Usages in Social Content We discovered while viewing the McIntosh Labs Facebook Fan Page that there are two duplicate McIntosh Lab Whether you are making your next post on Facebook or Twitter, making a title Accounts with different brand identity usages, one being gold with gradients and another just a name. slide for Youtube, or posting pictures to your photo gallery, all brand content We recommend capturing the duplicate accounts and consolidating fans, and if not possible, requesting the you have on the web should be consistent with basic brand standards. duplicate pages be taken down to consolidate the fan members. Even photos of of events showcasing brand usages should all be in line with the same brand guidelines you are showcasing on the web. The number of brand usages is ideally no more than 3-4 in the same campaign. Any more than that confuses the viewer and the brand’s messaging. 3 CONTENTS MENU SOCIAL MEDIA PRODUCT BRAND INTERACTIVE MARKETING PALETTE TYPOGRAPHY CONCLUSIONS BRAND PRODUCT BRANDING IDENTITY Turntable, Amplifiers, and Color Palette Clues Usage of the Globe Mark While most of the brand executions were identitical throughout the products, one or two were unique. And I think the usage of the globe mark on some of the products such as this power module do make they raised some strong questions about the future brand color palette and brand usages. The strong cyan sense, as the surface of the power module is huge and empty without any information and therefore blue of the McIntosh Power Output is consistent with the wire packaging, and it looks nice. And the teal it is a good idea to cover it with a brand mark. But I think you could keep the brand simpler by living green works as a highlight or when it is dominant as it is on the turntable. But when combined together as is without the globe altogether. And doing something more attractive such as a raised metal embossed the case in the of the world McIntosh lock-up it looks like all of the elements: white, teal-green, and cyan are McIntosh brand identity across the surface of the power module without the globe mark. competing. McIntosh is readable, but the world icon seems unnecessary style comes off dated or vintage. The color pallette that was taken from these three items above are the primary brand colors of your entire Why Ditch the Globe? brand’s palette. What is missing from this that you have elsewhere used gold. Gold does not live harmoni- AUDIT Conceptually it does not add anything by having a globe around the type, and it can even be a de- ously in this palette with the strong vibrant green. traction from your brand by being viewed as generic. You are competing globally yes, but your roots are in the USA and you make your products here. And that is something that differentiates you from your competition. You are one of the last ‘Made in America’ brands in high end stereo equipment and that is an assett to some consumers. American brands are growing too: Chrysler, and Lincoln (Ford), Abercrombie & Fitch, and more. 9 CONTENTS MENU SOCIAL MEDIA PRODUCT BRAND INTERACTIVE MARKETING PALETTE TYPOGRAPHY CONCLUSIONS CONCLUSIONS Actions/Scope of work: A STUDY OF ALL IDENTITY USAGES FOR MCINTOSH LABS Create A Brand Style Guide ( next project ) With the goal to represent all of the brand, simplify the number of brand usages, CREATED // 6.16.2012 and clearly defines the brand color palette, brand-lock-ups, and typography usages. remove Duplicate Websites Work with your internal legal department to challenge the Intellectual Property ownership of a few of the questionable website domains such as mcintoshaudio.com, and on Facebook report the pages that are not your own that are duplicates. On Twitter if you do not own that second account take the necessary steps to closing the Twitter account down. Build An Authorized Mcintosh Brand Identity & Webkit Give your dealers the ability to defend your brand by proudly representing that they are authorized dealers. You give them access to do so on their front doors with stickers, you need a web kit as well. Your next Website Should be 100% responsive or ipad friendly You cannot rely on PDFs to be viewed on iPads ( images dont load ), nor can you expect a website that is not ipad friendly to be accessible in- store to view all of your online products. We suggest to build an iPad friendly responsive website that lists all of your products in one catalog. This website should include a more comprehensive marketing/blog portion that works as a PR engine for both Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube. An alternative way of doing this is building an iPad application for your product catalog, however this is potentially a waste of resources as you need to overhaul your current website as well. And if you properly build your website you will eliminate the need for an application. Build Campaigns that live Across the Board You have a nice headline ‘Live Your Music’, let it live across your social media presences, point of sale posters, brochures, and in your next advertising campaign. We would be thrilled to be a part of art directing and strategically planning this campaign. optimize Your Social Media engagement Twitter is not just for tweeting, its for retweets and expsoure. For that to happen you need to write content that connects, and is something worth sharing with peoples friends and their peers. Get artists/musicians whom work with you to create Youtube friendly content or a single song for download for a short time from the McintoshLabs Facebook fanpage. Work with your PR team internally and externally to further push your outreach. And in the meanwhile bring your next campaign to your Twitter background presence. 21The Brand Identity AuditThis document proved to give reference to the current state of the McIntosh brand across, packaging, web design,social media, intellectual property infringements, and various other locations. The overall goal was to point outbrand weaknesses, and areas such in advertising that they could gain from making big changes. Email us today for new work