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There are different ways in order for us to separate mixtures


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There are different ways in order for us to separate mixtures

  1. 1. Different ways in order for us toseparate mixtures:1. filtration2.mechanical separation3. flotation4.centrifugation5. distillation6. crystalization7.chromatography8.boiling9. freezing10. decantation11. sublimation12. evaporation13. magnetic separation14. scooping15. sedimentationHoware heterogeneous and homogeneous mixtures different?They are different because aheterogenous mixture is when
  2. 2. two different materials combine,they remain distinct. But ahomogenous mixture is when theparticles are so small they remainconstant and cannot be seen.Howis homogeneous mixture different from heterogeneous mixture?A homogenous mixture is thesame throughout and is called asolution. An example of ahomogeneous mixture is saltwater. A heterogeneous mixtureis not the same throughout. Anexample is beef stew.Howdo homogeneous and heterogeneous mixture different?homogeneous-- looks samethroughout heterogeneous- canbe separated by hand
  3. 3. How isa heterogeneous mixture different from a homogeneous?Heterogeneous mixtures differ inthe concentration of a substancethrough the mixture ashomogeneous mixtures areuniform throughout.How isa homogeneous mixture different froma heterogeneous mixture?Homogeneous mixtures haveuniform composition andproperties throughout and areknown as solutions. For e.g, whensugar/salt is dissolved in water itforms a solution in which thesugar/salt and...
  4. 4. We can separate theheterogeneous mixtures bythe following techniques.:Physical manipulationevaporationdecantationflotationmagnetismfiltering/filtrationWhat aresome ways of separating a mixture?Put two difference types of liquidsthat have different densities. Likeput water and olive oil and the oilwill sit on top of the olive oil.What is thescientific way of separating mixtures?
  5. 5. There are several different waysand procedures of separatingmixtures, though, some mixturesare irreversible, and canpermanently be combined. A fewways of separating mixtures isthrough...What are thedifferent ways of separating mixture?A mixture of grain and plantmaterial used to be separated bywinnowing - tossing it in the airon a windy day; and allowinggravity to control the heavy partsand the wind the buoyant parts.This...What are3 ways of separating mixtures?evaporation, using a filter andsomething else
  6. 6. What aresome ways of separating mixture?There are 8 simple ways ofseparating a mixture:1. Filtration: You can use thismethod only if the solid does notdissolve in water.2. Chromatography: Separating 2or more solids dissolved in...