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  1. 1. BratislavaThe capital city of Slovakia
  2. 2. Bratislava In 19. century our city called: Slovak: Prešporok, Prešpurek, sometimes Bratislava, Břetislava či Požúň Hungarian: Pozsony, German: Preßburg
  3. 3. Bratislava lies on the southwest of Slovakia
  4. 4. Presidential Palace
  5. 5. Bratislava castle It looks like rotated chair
  6. 6. The New bridge On the top You can see UFO
  7. 7. Airport of M. R. Štefánik It´s the biggest airport in Slovakia M. R. Štefanik was a soldier – hero of 1st worldwar. He died in aircraft incident near Bratislava.
  8. 8. Cathedral of St. Martin There were Ugrian kings crowned (as Mary Theresia)On the topyou can seeThe imperialcrown
  9. 9. Fontain of Ganymed Ganymed was the most beautiful boy. The got (Zeus) as eagle took him to Olymp. Down the fontain You can see 4 fish of Donau - perch, carp, catfish and pike.
  10. 10. Čumil - Man at Work! The most photographedBratislava man 