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Tentacool e1 3


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Published in: Education
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Tentacool e1 3

  1. 1. Tentacool visiting Aggeliki from E1 class!
  2. 2. Spring has finally came! Flowers are blooming and the sun is smiling!! I visited Aggeliki. See what we have been doing together during the first days of spring!!!
  3. 3. Aggeliki introduced me to some new friends. I felt comfortable and cozy!!
  4. 4. On Friday evening we went out for dinner!!! We met Aggeliki’s friends from school. I tasted traditional Greek souvlaki. I had a wonderful time!!!
  5. 5. Every Saturday morning Aggeliki and Nikoleta play basketball. I was there of course and I enjoyed their game!!!
  6. 6. As we were driving back home Aggeliki’s father had allowed me to drive his car. That was very cool!!!
  7. 7. Aggeliki is a beautiful girl with many talents!!! In this photo she was playing the guitar. She also paints wonderful paintings and she is a very very good student!!! I admire here!!!
  8. 8. I tried to play the guitar!!! I have potentials to become a very good guitar player!!!
  9. 9. On Saturday afternoon we took the metro and went for shopping at a great shopping center the “Mall “!!!
  10. 10. On Sunday we went with her whole family for lunch to the Armed Forces Officers Club. Aggeliki’s grandfather is a retired military officer.
  11. 11. Here we are in the astonishing hall of the Armed Forces Officers Club!!!
  12. 12. After lunch we went for a walk to the historical center of Athens. You can see the Hadrian's Gate, a Roman arch in Athens.
  13. 13. This is the Zappeion hall.
  14. 14. Then we took a walk in the beautiful streets of Plaka. Plaka is a district in the center of Athens below the Acropolis; which has remained exactly as it was many years ago!!!
  15. 15. It is easy here to imagine how Athens was at the beginning of 20th century!!! It was like a walk in time!!!
  16. 16. Here we are in front of the Greek parliament. As you can see it was raining!!!
  17. 17. This is the Unknown Soldier Monument in Syntagma’s square. It was constructed in the 1930s to honor those who had been killed in the wars.
  18. 18. Monday was a fasting day and public holiday for Christians. Greeks celebrate the day with many customs.
  19. 19. Aggeliki and I rode a bike!!!
  20. 20. The custom of the day requires that every family should fly a kite! I helped Aggeliki with hers as you can see!!!
  21. 21. We were all very proud of ourselves!!! Our kite going up to the sky!
  22. 22. Back at Aggeliki’s home … to have a delicious fasting meal with her family!!!
  23. 23. Keeping company to Aggeliki’s parrot.
  24. 24. Spending time with Aggeliki was really an amassing experience!!!! I visited so many places, I participated in so many activities, I met so many people ... and of course the parrot and the fluffy animals of hers. I felt as I was a member of her family!!! I loved every minute of it!!! Aggeliki how can I thank you for your hospitality ? May be with a big big hug and a kiss!!!