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Nfs Peyrelevade


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Nfs Peyrelevade

  1. 1. Pilot community: PEYRELEVADE FRANCE Population: 830 inhabitants Area: 66 km² Address: Peyrelevade Zip code: 19290 Phone: 0033 (0)5 55 94 73 13 Fax: 0033 (0)5 55 94 71 84 Mayor Pierre COUTAUD e-mail: website: Situated in the heart of “Plateau de Millevaches” in higher Corrèze (center of France), Peyrelevade has at an average altitude of 800 m. The three major types of activities are forestry and farming, local services and craftsmen and social care institutions (elderly people homes, disabled children institutions). Peyrelevade has a highly preserved natural heritage: 8% of the regional dry-land of Limousin and 5% of wasteland. It is a priority for the municipality to add value to this heritage, together with the Regional Conservatory of Natural Spaces. Renewable Energy Sources Now: A wind park of 9MW, a wood boiler of 250 MW to heat the municipal buildings, solar panels for the campings’s site warm water and a hydroelectric micro-power station (currently not used) are set up in the village. Future: A rest-house for hikers is planed to be renovated with solar panels for electricity. Moreover, hydroelectric mycro-power station should be running soon. Rational Use of Energy Now: Energetic diagnostic of communal buildings was undertaken with the objective of reducing energy consumption by 20%. The expert added recommendations on improvement that should be made. Future: Agenda 21 (French national methodology for comprehensive policy towards sustainable development) is being implemented within the village.