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Guide create community_blog

  1. 1. A simple guide to create the blog of a pilot community Step 1. Go to On the right column, go to Sign up now and create an account. You will be asked a username (we suggest Community_nameCountry), a password and an email address that will be used by Wordpress to sent you the activating message. Click Next and you will see Blog domain, Blog title and also here is the place where you can choose the language you will be primarily blogging in. Choose your national language, that will be the language of the menus, too. Click Signup. Step 2. Check your email to complete registration. You will receive an email containing a link you have to click on, in order to activate your account. Step 3. Log In and go to My Dashboard, then Visit site. You can Edit the first post that Wordpress introduces automatically, changing the title and the content with a welcome message for possible visitors. Explain here that your community is one of the pilots in RURENER project, write some information on this project and add a link to your national website.
  2. 2. Step 4. Go again to My Dashboard. You will see that the default theme is Kubrick. Go to Change theme. You will be shown the Options of the current theme. Choose Header in order to load a new image for the header (we have chosen the RURENER logo). Visit the site in order to see the result. Step 5. Go again to My Dashboard and add at least three new pages: a. Contact. Give information as address, contact persons, telephone, fax, email. b. About us. Write a few words about your community. Remember the visitors that the blog is dedicated to discussions, questions and answers on the use of unconventional energies.
  3. 3. c. Achievements. Place here some information on the results you already have in the field of RES or RUE and plans for the future in this area. This page may contain links to documents, studies, etc. that give the visitors information on current or future plans in the field of unconventional use of energies. In our example, we have introduced a link to a .pdf document posted on Slideshare:
  4. 4. Step 6. Add links to the blogs of your communities, in the national webpage. Step 7. Give the mayors (or whoever they say) the username and the password, so that the community would be able to administrate its blog. Remarks. These are only our suggestions. You may find useful to configure otherwise the blogs of your pilot communities… You can sea the blogs of the pilot communities in Romania at these addresses: For any comments, questions or remarks you can write us at (Liliana) or (Elena). Good luck with this tool!