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Typical food

  1. 1. Traditional foods for everyday life and special occasions
  2. 2. Food for every day Breakfest <ul>According to various studies, the vast majority of Czechs have for breakfast tea or cocoa and buttered bread with butter and jam or honey. Some have whole wheat Czech bread or fruit or vegetables. </ul>
  3. 3. Lunch <ul>The majority of Czech students eat in school canteens, currently they almost replace homemade meals for which we are accustomed to, another advantage is that the meals in the school canteen gives hot meal every day. Personally, I think that food in our school canteen is very tasty. As usual lunch is such a typical Czech meal (pork and cabbage dumplings, sirloin ....), but students can certainly choose multiple dishes such as spaghetti, goulash, pancakes, pizza .... There are very few people who would prepare their lunch at home. Most working people subscribe to some lunch and go to restaurants for cheaper lunch menu. </ul>
  4. 4. Dinner Regarding the typical Czech dinner, the habits are of different families. Some prefer a light meal in the family circle, the other prefers a hearty dinner in a similar composition. Many families, however, use the opportunity to visit restaurants and link dinner with a nice opportunity to sit with family members outside the home. Regular dinners may be a yogurt or a bread with salami, vegetables and cheese.
  5. 5. EASTER
  6. 6. Wednesdey ugly In the past nasty housewives tried the food on the plate to ook badly, so the traditional meal for Easter have become so-called pancakes that originated from torn potato pancakes. Green Thursday In our country, for centuries, on the green Thursday, a traditional dish is with spinach dumplings and boiled egg. Even at the present began on Holy Thursday breweries brew a special green beer, which has also become a tradition
  7. 7. Good Friday On this day, fasting is traditional, we usually have a salad for lunch or pulses, so the meal was a traditional lentil soup with gnocchi and lentils with fried egg and fresh bread. White Saturday For this day is typical Easter meal stuffing, and especially the Easter cake.
  8. 8. Easter Sunday On this feast day usually on the tables appear roast meat and mostly roast goose or duck with cabbage. Also we do not miss the sweet lamb cake . Easter Monday In this day of egg dishes predominate. Eggs fried, put into sauces, eggs also make a variety of salads and spreads.
  10. 10. Christmas Eve On Christmas Eve, do not eat meat. 24Th Morning December we have cake for breakfast with honey for lunch we have fish soup for dinner and we fried carp with potato salad. Christmas Day 25Th December we have fried steak dinner with potato salad. Families go to their friends and family members.
  11. 11. Two Christmas Day On this day, is a traditional meal roast duck with cabbage and dumplings. New Year 1St January, we eat lentil soup,to have in the new year a lot of money and we don´t eat anyhing that flies otherwise the happiness flies away !