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Czech republic


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Published in: Education
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Czech republic

  1. 1. The Czech Republic is aThe Czech Republic is a small country in thesmall country in the heart of Europe. It has aheart of Europe. It has a population of 10,509,377.population of 10,509,377. The capital is Prague.The capital is Prague. The Czech Republic hasThe Czech Republic has very beautiful nature,very beautiful nature, lots of incrediblylots of incredibly beautiful places and verybeautiful places and very interesting sights.interesting sights.
  2. 2. South MoravianSouth Moravian regionregion Moravia is part of the CzechMoravia is part of the Czech republic. Capital Moravia isrepublic. Capital Moravia is Brno. We skiing in northBrno. We skiing in north Moravia. We to ride a bike,Moravia. We to ride a bike, skate an swim in south Moravia.skate an swim in south Moravia. We go to historical sites all overWe go to historical sites all over Moravia.Moravia.
  3. 3. BrnoBrno Brno is population and second largest city in Czech Republic. The most important monuments of the city are Špilberk and Cathedral of St. Peter and Paul. In Brno Each year the festival entertainment Brno - City in the middle of Europe, which includes a fireworks.
  4. 4. KobylniceKobylnice Kobylnice is a smallKobylnice is a small village near Brno invillage near Brno in South Moravia. It hasSouth Moravia. It has around 1,000 inhabitants.around 1,000 inhabitants. About Kobylnice is veryAbout Kobylnice is very beautiful nature andbeautiful nature and fresh air.fresh air.
  5. 5. ELATICEŽELATICEŽ Želetice is a small village in SouthŽeletice is a small village in South Moravia, which is surrounded byMoravia, which is surrounded by forests.Located near the town offorests.Located near the town of Hodonin. Has probably aroundHodonin. Has probably around 600. There is beautiful600. There is beautiful countryside and protectedcountryside and protected areas. Operates with the breedingareas. Operates with the breeding of fallow deer. Which are highlyof fallow deer. Which are highly protected animals.protected animals.