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Company profile wimbi generico

  1. 1. Group Presentation 2013 “AMO L’AFRICA DI WIMBI” Wimbi S.r.l. Via Bresca n°1, 18100 Imperia (Italy) 1
  2. 2. Company Mission & Vision  Our goal is to be a Tour Operator and a Destination Management Company able to attract a growing number of clients and to create a positive feelings in its guests and, in turn, gives value for its different Partners.  We offer an experience of Italian style combined with a warm local Zanzibarine welcoming model able to satisfy a growing number of international guests, traveling for leisure or business.  Wimbi Group owns an integrated system of Tour Operator and hospitality management, able to increase the value of each destination offered and to regularly exceed its clients expectations. 2
  3. 3. WIMBI Group  Wimbi Ltd. is a holding focused on the tourism and hospitality market segment, now able to mix the management experience of Villa Dida Resort (property and direct management) with the Tour Operator specialized in creating, promoting and selling holiday packages on the leisure market.  The holding manages in Italy the following 4 Tour Operators brands focused on the B2B and B2C channel: Zanzibarviaggi, Kenyaviaggi, Madagascarviaggi and Mozambicoviaggi.  Dikha Tour Company is our Tour Operator group incoming in Zanzibar and in Tanzania mainland that takes care of Tours and Safari and on behalf of Wimbi Ltd.  Zanzibarviaggi is the only one Tour Operator in Italy to have a real specialization for the Safari in the north territory of Tanzania. 3
  4. 4. Group Overview Destination Management Company and Tour Operator. Flights & hotels broker, commercial promotion in Italy and abroad. Incoming Travel Services, Leisure Travel, Business Travel, Culture Travel, Safari & Tours, Diving. Marketing & Sales Distribution Hotel Management 4 stars Boutique Resort located in Pwani Machangani in the east-coast of Zanzibar. High quality hotel service, with middle-high rates. Tour Operators focused on the organization of Safari and Tours, based in Arusha-Tanzania . Tour Operator incoming based in Zanzibar. High quality services with affordable rates for transfers service, visits and excursions, assistance service in hotels and airport. Tour Operator Incoming, Safari & tours 4
  5. 5. With our brand Zanzibarviaggi we offer a wide range of hotels, boutique hotels, resorts in Zanzibar, one of them “ Villa Dida Eco-Resort” directly managed by Wimbi. Large selection of Tours and Safaris in Tanzania created to satisfy every customer nedeed. 5
  6. 6. The brand Kenyaviaggi is specialized in the Kenya destination. We offer a family friendly hotels and resorts in the best locations like Watamu, Malindi, Diani… and a rich offer of tours and safari. 6
  7. 7. The brand Madagascarviaggi is specialized in Madagascar Continent. It offers a selection of hotels, boutique hotels, lodges and resorts in the whole land and in NosyBe island. Special tours of the north and south of Madagascare are available . 7
  8. 8. Mozambicoviaggi tour operator is specialized in the new destination of East Africa, the Mozambico. It offers the destinations in family friendly hotels and lodge. The selection of hotels and resorts has been accurately selected to guarantee the best quality and the best value for money. 8
  9. 9. Villa Dida is a new Eco-Resort in Zanzibar, opened in March 2007, it is located on the east cost of Zanzibar in Pwani Mchangani. It’s a dream resort with a private beach, kilometers of white sand and palms lining the crystalline sea of the island. These accommodations are the ideal place for travelers who love to be cuddled in a relaxing atmosphere, far away from the mass touristy village and the invasive activities. We offer personal service that will make you comfortable by giving you the chance to enjoy at the best your holiday. Our staff, from Italy and Zanzibar, will be glad to welcome you with the simplicity and kindness typical of this island by offering you all the services necessary to make your stay enjoyable. 9
  10. 10. Sales Channels 4 new websites, easy to consult to find your perfect holiday. 1 brochure rich in content and information about the destinations and the hotels. 10
  11. 11. Why Choose WIMBI  WIMBI is committed to offering high quality service, comfort, safety and value to all clients seeking hotel booking or a full tourism package with Tours and Safari.  We believe in responsible tourism, promoting low impact environmentally sensitive operations to maximize visitors' enjoyment, understanding, awareness of wildlife and landscapes, and due respect to local communities and their heritage.  EXPERIENCE: ours years of experience in organizing Tours and Safari in Tanzania have made us fully conversant with the technicalities of a successful operation. Your tour arrangements will be handled in a professional and efficient manner.  MANAGMENT: we have an outstanding Team Work who has been very well selected from professional and respected people in their field. They are also passionate about their work; their passion drives them to deliver work that is excellent, creative and fun.  The Chairman of the company is italian, the senior Management Team is a mixture of Italian and Zanzibar people, supporting and leading to have the best structure of the company as well as allowing better understanding to the different needs of our clients. 11
  12. 12. Team And Branches The Best Representatives & Guides  We take the greatest care in selecting responsible people who are capable of providing cheerful, caring and attentive service to our clients. Our multilingual speaking guides and representatives have an all-round knowledge of the country and its people. We believe that our clients have put their trust in us and thus we need to make sure that we meet their expectations all the time and we are able to deliver what we have promised. Branches  To secure the best service for our clients, we have two branches covering the most important touristic destinations in Tanziania: Zanzibar and Arusha. Along with our professional Team, we ensure the total satisfaction of our Clients. 12
  13. 13. Trasportation Fleet  Our owned fleet consists of 4 modern, brand new, Toyota Land Cruiser LC70  All air conditioned, relaxing and confortable seats, showing Zanzibarviaggi Logo.  We also offer you our smaller coaches, which serves smaller groups or short-time journeys.  All driven by experienced drivers whose main concern is the client’s safety.  Whenever you want to have a private transfers as well private and exclusivity Safari in Tanzania you may wish to try our chauffeured Toyota to help you around.  We take great pride in our tradition of personalized attention to our clients; no effort is spared in ensuring your safety and enjoyment. Because we care about our reputation for excellence, each and every one of our guests is important to us, we make special attention to details, which all too often are absent from tour arrangements in Tanzania. 13
  14. 14. THANKS… TO TRUST IN US! Wimbi S.r.l. Via Bresca n°1, 18100 Imperia (Italy) 14