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Politsoft Presentation


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Politsoft Political System

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Politsoft Presentation

  1. 1. political software Politsoft™ — Control, system, effectiveness!
  2. 2. Control, system, effectiveness! About Politsoft Politsoft is the first international IT-company at the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) that offers professional software for election campaigns, political parties and public organizations. Politsoft was founded on the basis of Scorto Corporation (Las Vegas, Nevada, USA) ( ). Scorto™ is an internationally recognized credit scoring software provider. Scorto Corporations has partners and distributors in more than 20 countries around the world and keeps on developing. The main part of Politsoft solutions are based on Scorto’s technologies. Scorto Corporation is the parent company of Politsoft. The main part of Politsoft software was developed with the assistance of Alyuda Research specialists ( (USA). Alyuda Research is the one of the world’s leaders in the development of neural network software and one of the internationally recognized leaders in financial software development. Bank of America, Wegelin-bank, TransUnion, CreditSights, Reuters Financial Software, Hewlett-Packard, Boston Consulting Group и KPMG use Alyuda Research software for a long time. Professional approach to political management is the base of Politsoft activity. The company considers the experience of the same systems 2 development in the world and experience in election campaigns in the CIS including Russia and Ukraine.
  3. 3. Practical value of Politsoft software Politsoft software is a decision-making tool that helps decrease political risks through the simplifying and structuring of data flows. Politsoft software products enable planning, forecasting and modeling the political situation in various political campaigns. Control, system, effectiveness! Using Politsoft software results in increasing the effectiveness of campaigns and political parties. Politsoft solutions help to find the rational costs-results balance in the campaigns and political party management. One of the important advantages of Politsoft software is that it has the capability of on-line monitoring of political situations and political processes that can be corrected at any spot on the globe at any time. Flexible structure of Politsoft software enables automation of any political activity as fully as single political processes according to customer requirements. Politsoft gives the consulting services in implementation, maintenance, improvement and modernization of Politsoft software on preferential terms. Politsoft software can be fine-tuned for any political situation. The database structure can be changed according to customer requirements. Politsoft software has a customizable interface. Any user can customize/ change the table sizes and input forms. User specific settings can be saved for further daily use. 3
  4. 4. Control, system, effectiveness! Politsoft Election Politsoft Election is the special software for automation of campaign activity during the whole campaign season. Politsoft Election is the universal and powerful instrument that allows decrease of financial and human expenses during the campaign. Politsoft election allows determining of campaign tactical design, structuring of political activities and time periods of campaign. It helps to optimize costs distribution by activities and tim. Politsoft Election can be used as: ■ centralized database; ■ project management system; ■ software of documents circulation and communication between the project teams; ■ software for taking stock of material and human resources; ■ system for reporting and analysis of election campaign results; 4 ■ system of inquiries management.
  5. 5. Functional capabilities of Politsoft Election Politsoft Election allows automation of task solving, concerned with campaign: ; campaign project development; ; development of agitation materials; ; election campaign staff; ; preparation for deriving for signatures; ; deriving for signatures and candidates registration; ; final campaign staff selection; ; management of development and publishing of campaign materials; ; Control, system, effectiveness! automation of staff work; ; planning and forecasting of campaign; ; on-line monitoring of political situation in the region; ; assessment and comparison of effectiveness of activities; ; campaign scenarios development; ; showing up of campaign problems and mistakes; ; making changes in the campaign; ; discovering of public opinion; ; reporting and analysis; ; material, technical and human recourses management; ; information analysis and systematization; ; mass media monitoring and analysis; ; preliminary reception of information about presumptive crisis situations. Politsoft software is created by the ‘meccano’ principle. It means that information modules can be adjusted according to stuff functions that should be realized on the given workplace. Politsoft software allows connecting any number of workplaces and developing its architecture in handy manner. For example: Head of advertising group needs only the information about advertising group work, Head of financial department has to see the information about financial situation in all departments. All activities of election campaign can be assigned to responsible persons. All activities can be allotted to departments, groups and subgroups. This function allows following faithfully the plan of activities and financial plan and planning the election campaign and budget. 5
  6. 6. On the figure you can see the workplaces set for election staff of city that can be increased or decreased according to scale and structure of the campaign. Information and reporting system can be adjusted for each work place according to election campaign functions. Electoral staff structure Time-table manager Candidate or party leader Support group Control, system, effectiveness! Attendant control group Campaign Director and Campaign Managers Consultants. Creative group Financial Manager of Security Manager Manager of Juridical Technical Manager of department Organizational department of Analytic department department Advertising department department department Central Department Central Public Representatives Group of advertisement Control of local reception in town and Writers group Media group Sociological group projects, regional election and publication Analytical group group actions, committees meetings organization Local Regional electoral Group of agitators staff special projects Group of Internet organization Subcontracting Image-maker agencies and publications Advertising agitation 6
  7. 7. Politsoft Curator Politsoft Curator is the special software for political parties, deputy groups, factions and any political organizations. Politsoft Curator helps to cope with next tasks: ; simultaneous work at all departments; ; planning of activities; ; financial planning; ; automation of all activities; ; monitoring of plans execution; ; Control, system, effectiveness! financial monitoring; ; monitoring of changes in public opinion; ; determination of activities effectiveness; ; competitive struggle planning; ; impact of events and activities definition on the situation in the region or in the party. Politsoft Curator allows execution of all political activities and avoiding the parallelism and doubling of works. Thanks to Politsoft Curator executive committee of political party can be transformed easily into the campaign committee. Information and reporting system can be adjusted for each workplace according to political functions that should be realized on this work place. Executive committee structure Control body Chairman of executive committee Consultants Responsible for Responsible for Responsible for organization and finance organization work agitation work providing Organization External Analytical Advertising Department of technical providing Accounts department Chancellery group communications group group Legal department chairman group chairman chairman chairman Security group Media Advertisement and secretary publishing service chairman 7
  8. 8. Control, system, effectiveness! Politsoft Deputy Politsoft Deputy is the software for automation of the work of one political figure team. Politsoft Deputy allows the “step by step” management of political campaigns aimed to maintainof political image of one political figure. Political figure can be as a member of political party as non-party politician. Functional capabilities of Politsoft Deputy: ; working in all departments at the same time; ; planning of political activities; ; financial planning; ; automation of staff activities; ; monitoring of political activity; ; financial monitoring; ; monitoring of changes in public opinion; ; determination of activities effectiveness; ; competitive lanning; ; definition of events and activities that impact on the situation in the 8 region or in the party.
  9. 9. Politsoft Resource Politsoft Resource is the software for administrative resource management. Politsoft Resource allows using completely the administrative resource of political party or political figure. Administrative resource management scheme Election campaign planning Planning of administrative resource using Election campaign realization Control, system, effectiveness! Business resources Federal resources Regional resources List of activities of responsibility centers Municipal resources Administrative Planned schedule keeping resource using Local resources Reporting Corrections of administrative Effectiveness analysis resource using of administrative resource using 9
  10. 10. Control, system, effectiveness! Politsoft Observer Politsoft Observer is the software for monitoring and analysing of political information in the Internet. It allows controlling the political situation from any spot on the globe. It can be connected with any Politsoft software to automate the political monitoring during the campaign, to automate party management or any political campaign management. Monitoring and analysis suppose the content-analysedand qualitative analysis of information at the fixed number of Internet resources during the fixed time. Internet-monitoring enables studing and forecasting of political events and changing the political situation. Image making of political party or political figure can be done through Internet. It can be the direct influence (creation of information and informational exchange resources) and indirect influrence (influence on the created information resources, dissemination of information, prohibition of disinformation). The main part of image making through Internet is the assistance in Internet 10 resources creation and Internet sites creation. This activity can be realized using Politsoft software.
  11. 11. Politsoft Universe Politsoft Universe is a service of development of customer's software for automation of political processes of any format and on any level. Politsoft develops specialized software for different types of political activities. Politsoft software can be installed as a part of Politsoft computer-based system and as an independent software. Control, system, effectiveness! 11
  12. 12. Politsoft Consulting Politsoft collaborates with customers not only as software developer. It maintains and upgrades Politsoft software. Politsoft provides consulting Control, system, effectiveness! service on each stage: from software development and implementation to updating and upgrading of the software. Politsoft develops new components of the software according to current and potential requirements of users. Strategy consulting Politsoft software can be used for development of campaign and for inner- Party information system. Key activities should be identified with election campaign or political party parameters. Political strategy determines the requirements for information system architecture that should guarantee the necessary output and quality of political activity support. Technical consulting Politsoft develops the political information system architecture that executes functional requirements of political strategy and optimizes necessary investments. Technical consulting supposes the technical development of work: ■ selection of scheme and technologies of components and software integration, ■ selection of optimal solution for specific tasks, development of new software, ■ comparing of several solutions for automation of one task, ■ consulting services concerned with Politsoft usage. Software audit Auditing includes the assessment of current state of Politsoft software, investigation of the reasons for the non- or low performance of software modules, assessment of informational risks, level of defense and IT- 12 investments. Auditing of results is the base of strategic and technical plans of software upgrading.
  13. 13. Technical characteristics of Politsoft software Reserve copying Emergency recovery Reserve Politsoft server Secure information channel Control, system, effectiveness! Remote access Politsoft server Politsoft software should be installed to the server with Windows Server 2003-2008 software. Requirements for hardware are generally used standards of hardware. Remote work with Politsoft software doesn’t require installation of any additional software. Loss of information is impossible in the case of any glitch. Time of recovering of software, depending on the seriousness of glitch, takes a few hours. In case of impossibility of software recovering (for example, in the case of physical destruction), reserve server can fully provide performance of Politsoft software. 13
  14. 14. Control, system, effectiveness! LTD Politsoft Fesenkovskaya St. 4 Kharkov, Ukraine, 61068 Tel. +38 (057) 762-62-10