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Hoffmann & Krueger Consulting is a specialized and independent oncology data provider. We make the connections between scientific innovations, medical cancer needs and market opportunities.

We are delivering strategic perspectives and market insight solutions that proactively address challenges and opportunities for oncology portfolio and cancer pipeline products. We have built a strong international reputation for covering oncology and pharmaceuticals healthcare critical topics and investigating issues that other information providers are not able to do

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Hoffmann &Krueger Oncology Excellence

  1. 1. Hoffmann Krueger Consulting Ltd., Hoffmann Krueger Consulting Ltd., c/o SFMP.O. Box 33582, Ras Al Khaimah, Rue Adrien-Lachenal 20United Arab Emirates Hoffmann & Krueger Copyright 2013 1207 Geneva, Switzerland
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  3. 3. •• 2 Hoffmann & Krueger Copyright 2013
  4. 4. • R E A C T• R ethink E valuate A ccelerate C hange T ransform The patient Your current The Growth Your Model Your Strategy Connection Tactics 3 Hoffmann & Krueger Copyright 2013
  5. 5. • Ability to deliver value-added data, analysis, report, advices in oncology 4 Hoffmann & Krueger Copyright 2013
  6. 6. Treatment algorithms Patients cohorts Epidemiology Pricing Oncology product Forecast R&D Genetic type Generics Market Access Patent New product Start-up Launch OncologyBig pharma Companies strategies sizes Biosimilars Biosimilars Spin-off Generics Life Cycle Management 5 Hoffmann & Krueger Copyright 2013
  7. 7. Hoffmann & Krueger 6 Hoffmann & Krueger Copyright 2013
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  10. 10. • 9 Hoffmann & Krueger Copyright 2013
  11. 11. Sample of analysis made for our client : “Impact of referencing in oncology European prices” •  ASMR IV-V: No formal EU price referencing; national price benchmarks decisive, but lowest EU-4 price can serve as a price cap if it is below the reference of the national comparator chosen.  No influence from other countries  No influence from other countries References to FR and ITA (key countries), UK, GER, but also to smaller price-controlled countries like BE or AUT if it helps payers Past practice: parity to lowest available EU reference price or minus ~5% to 10%  References mainly FR and SP (key countries), but also UK, GER, and western Europe countries  Unlikely to accept prices higher than in EU-4 (FR, GER, SP, UK)  AIFA may ask for a report of any price changes in other EU countries. 10 Hoffmann & Krueger Copyright 2013
  12. 12. • Hoffmann Krueger Consulting Ltd., c/o SFM Rue Adrien-Lachenal 20 1207 Geneva, Switzerland Contact.uae@hoffmann-krueger.com 11 Hoffmann & Krueger Copyright 2013
  13. 13. 12
  14. 14. http://www.iarc.fr/index.html http://www.rki.de/IARC is studying cancer incidence, mortality, and survival in The Robert Koch Institute collaborates with the Germannumerous countries and is thus playing a leading role in cancer Association of Population-Based Cancer Registries to publishregistration worldwide. IARCs founding members were Germany, national cancer statistics for Germany. The coverage ofFrance, Italy, the United Kingdom, and the United States, IARCs Germany by the registries is nearly 100% complete. This datamembership has grown to 20 countries (founding states plus represents the most robust and complete data source availableAustralia, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Finland, India, Ireland, for Germany.Japan, Norway, the Netherlands, Republic of Korea, RussianFederation, Spain, Sweden, and Switzerland).http://www.eurocare.it/ http://www.ecosante.fr/DEPAFRA/3034.htmlEUROCARE project (European cancer registries study on FRANCIM is a network of cancer registries in Francecancer patients survival and care) is an internationalcollaborative study on the survival of cancer patients inEurope. It currently involves 67 population-based cancerregistries operating in 22 European countries, 13 Hoffmann & Krueger Copyright 2013
  15. 15. Journal of medical oncologyInternational Journal of CancerBritish Journal of CancerJournal of Thoracic OncologyEuropean Journal of CancerOncogeneClinical Cancer ResearchNew England Journal of Medecine 14 Hoffmann & Krueger Copyright 2013
  16. 16. 1.Role of Hoffmann& Krueger Consulting Ltd. 3. Disclosure of InterestsHoffmann&Krueger Consulting Limited will carry out the services set out in the Engagement proposal It is possible that Hoffmann&Krueger Consulting Ltd and/or one of its associates and/or one ofand will not be obliged to provide any other advice or services unless it expressly agrees to do so. Their respective officers, employees, representatives or agents or another client of the Hoffmann&Krueger Consulting Ltd may have interests, relationships and/or arrangements thatAny advice rendered by Hoffmann&Krueger Consulting Ltd, unless otherwise agreed by us, is solely for give rise to conflicts or interests which are otherwise material in relation to the Engagementthe benefit of the Client and must be kept confidential. This advice may not be relied on by the Clientother than for the purposes of the Engagement and may not be disclosed to any third party or ("Other Interests"). So far as Hoffmann&Krueger Consulting Ltd is aware without having madeannounced publicly unless there is a legal or regulatory obligation to disclose or announce it or enquiry of any of its clients, no other client of Hoffmann&Krueger Consulting Ltd has, as at theotherwise agreed by Hoffmann&Krueger Consulting Ltd. Such advice may not be used or relied on by date of the project agreement, any Other Interests and Hoffmann&Krueger Consulting Ltd agreesany third party without Hoffmann&Krueger Consulting Ltds prior written consent. to notify the Client if it becomes aware during the Engagement of any of its clients having any Other Interests provided that Hoffmann&Krueger Consulting Ltd shall not be required to disclose2. Authority and Information details of the names of any such clients or any other details concerning such clients to the Client pursuant to this Clause 3Hoffmann&Krueger Consulting Ltd is entitled to assume that its instructions in relation to theEngagement have been properly authorised by the Client if they are given by a director or senior The employees of the Hoffmann&Krueger Consulting Ltd assigned to the Engagement may beexecutive of the Client or by any of the persons referred to in the proposal. Hoffmann&KruegerConsulting Ltd is authorised by the Client to carry out such steps as it considers necessary to complete unaware of, and in any event are required to disregard, any Other Interests and the Client agreesthe Engagement including acting through agents. that Hoffmann&Krueger Consulting Ltd may act for it despite Other Interests and that any profit or remuneration from such interests may be retained by Hoffmann&Krueger Ltd.The Client understands and agrees that Hoffmann&Krueger Consulting Ltd in performing itsEngagement, will use and rely upon information provided by the Client as well as publicly available The Client agrees that Hoffmann&Krueger Consulting Ltd does not have a duty to disclose anyinformation and that Hoffmann&Krueger Consulting Ltd does not assume responsibility for independent matter which comes to its notice in the course of their business if doing so would constitute averification of any information, whether publicly available or otherwise furnished to it by the Client. breach of duty owed to other persons.Accordingly, Hoffmann&Krueger Consulting Ltd shall be entitled to assume and rely upon the accuracy, Hoffmann&Krueger Consulting Ltd will remain bound by any Confidentiality Agreement enteredfairness and completeness of all such information. into between the parties.All reports and data is the property of the client but all documents, questionnaires, cards etc. on whichthe data is recorded shall be the property of the Company. Copies of any or all of this material in ananonymous form can be made available to clients on request on payment of additional fees. If widercirculation of results is intended, Hoffmann&Krueger Consulting Ltd name may not be quoted inconnection with the study until the exact form of any communication has been agreed byHoffmann&Krueger Consulting Ltd. The Client undertakes to inform Hoffmann&Krueger Consulting Ltdof any intended wider publication prior to release and to offer identification of Hoffmann&KruegerConsulting Ltd as the supplier of the work to be published. 15 Hoffmann & Krueger Copyright 2013
  17. 17. Hoffmann Krueger Consulting Ltd., Hoffmann Krueger Consulting Ltd., c/o SFMP.O. Box 33582, Ras Al Khaimah, Rue Adrien-Lachenal 20United Arab Emirates Hoffmann & Krueger Copyright 2013 1207 Geneva, Switzerland