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This Presentation is designed in order to teach Entrepreneurs how to leverage software tools to accelerate any startups growth based on bootstrapping budget.
All the tools I’ve chosen are free or have low cost subscriptions.

Elena Donets

Published in: Technology, Design
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ToolBox for Entrepreneurs

  1. 1. ToolBox for Entrepreneurs By Elena DonetsDec 2012
  2. 2. ToolBox forEntrepreneurs Presentations List of Contents Website Project Management Other useful tools
  3. 3. ToolBox forEntrepreneurs Project Other usefulPresentations Website Management tools Idea Product Team Start Up
  4. 4. ToolBox for V My ChoiceEntrepreneurs Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 Presentations “Leaving everything up to PowerPoint is not really an option anymore (if it ever was). No number of creative infographics, nifty tools or new gadgets can save your presentation if you dont have a good understanding of your audience and a strong desire to engage with them…” Source:  Multifunction  A lot of “How Guides” @Google  Works everywhere  Easy save to PDF - Needs time to learn - Not accessible Online (Needs to be Uploaded)
  5. 5. ToolBox forEntrepreneurs Presentations Prezi is a cloud-based presentation software that opens up a new world between whiteboards and slides. The zoomable canvas makes it fun to explore ideas and the connections between them. The result: visually captivating presentations that lead your audience down a path of discovery.  Original, New Concept  Cloud based (available online) - Needs time to learn - Works only on “Zoom in – out” effect - Investors can’t really watch more then 1 a day
  6. 6. ToolBox forEntrepreneurs Presentations SlideRocket is a rich internet application (RIA) that provides for every part of the presentation life cycle. It integrates authoring, asset management, delivery and analytics tools in a single hosted environment that allows you to quickly create great looking presentations, store, tag and search your assets, collaborate with your colleagues, securely share your slides in person or remotely and measure the results  Mobile App is available  Google Drive integrated  Cloud Based - Basic tools available in free version - Expensive (24 $/Month) upgrade
  7. 7. ToolBox forEntrepreneurs Video Presentation Presentations Animoto My Choice V Turn your photos, video clips, and music into stunning video masterpieces to share with everyone. Fast, free, and shockingly easy! Sample Infographics Presentation My Choice V A super-simple app for making interactive infographics is a software company that makes a web-based data visualization applications for non-designers to create professionally designed infographics and visualizations in minutes.
  8. 8. ToolBox for V My ChoiceEntrepreneurs Mockup builder Website Mockup – it is the convenient software, which allows you to make a prototype of a site and new design for soft. We offer you to try possibilities of this program and to create web prototypes. Mockup has all necessary tools for giving the original look to appearance of websites. It is very convenient to use mockup for a web design. Numerous elements in UI promote development of ideas of modernization.  Free Beta available  Available Offline  Cloud Based - No Google Drive / DropBox Integeration
  9. 9. ToolBox forEntrepreneurs Mockup builder Mockingbird Website Online tool that makes it easy for you to create, link together, preview, and share mockups of your website or application.  Professional tool  Cloud Based - No Google Drive / DropBox Integeration - No Free Version - Expensive (min 9$/Month)
  10. 10. ToolBox forEntrepreneurs Mockup builder MockFlow Website MockFlow is an Online Design Suite providing design tools and collaboration services for designers. Its flagship software - "MockFlow Wireframe" is used by thousands of customers worldwide.  Professional tool  Google Drive integration  Cloud Based  Free Basic version is available - Expensive (64$/Year)
  11. 11. ToolBox for V My ChoiceEntrepreneurs WIX Website Wix has developed a WebTop publishing platform; allowing users to create any kind of web content (web sites, widgets, blogs, mobile sites, facebook pages) and publish that content anywhere they want.  Easy  Cloud Based  Cheap (12$/Month incl. domain free) - Perfect only for “Simple” websites - Not Hebrew Friendly
  12. 12. ToolBox forEntrepreneurs Weebly Website Weebly is a free web-hosting service featuring a proprietary drag- and-drop website builder  Easy  Cloud Based  Mobile App is available  Cheap (~4$/Month not incl. domain) - Perfect only for “Simple” websites - Not Hebrew Friendly
  13. 13. ToolBox for V My Choice Entrepreneurs TeamboxManagement Project Teambox is online collaboration project software that combines the best practices in productivity with tools from social networking  Easy  Cloud Based  Mobile App is available  Hebrew friendly  Google Calendar / Tasks integration - Free version is only for up to 5 projects - Project budget management is not available
  14. 14. ToolBox for Entrepreneurs MavenlinkManagement Project A better way to manage your projects online with features designed to streamline workflow and increase your productivity  Professional tool inc. budget managing (transactions and invoices)  Cloud Based  Mobile App is available  Google Email / Calendar / Tasks integration - No free version (only 30 day trial) - Expensive (min.29$/Month) - Is Not user friendly (my opinion)
  15. 15. ToolBox for Entrepreneurs Sprint.lyManagement Project SPRINT.LY TELLS YOU WHAT EVERYONE ON YOUR TEAM IS DOING AND WHERE YOU ARE DELIVERING VALUE  Cloud Based  Email integration  Cool Interface (High Level UI) - No free version (only 30 day trial) - Expensive (14$/Month per user)
  16. 16. ToolBox for My Choice VEntrepreneurs MailChimp Email Campaigns Other Tools MailChimp makes it easy to design exceptional email campaigns, share them on social networks, integrate with web services you already use, manage subscribers, and track your results. You’ll love mixing and matching MailChimp’s templates, features, and integrations to suit your needs—think of it as your own personal publishing platform  Easy  Up to 2,000 subscribers is Free  Cool Interface (High Level UI)  Create easily landing pages also  Hebrew Friendly
  17. 17. ToolBox forEntrepreneurs Docstoc Useful templates Other Tools Docstoc is the premier online destination to start and grow small businesses. It hosts the best quality and widest selection of professional documents (over 20 million) and resources including expert videos, articles and productivity tools to make every small business better. Docstoc is among the top 500 most visited websites (quantcast) and has over 25 million registered users. It offers a vast collection of free resources and provides a monthly membership which unlocks its widest selection of premium content.
  18. 18. ToolBox forEntrepreneurs HootsuiteOther Tools management Social media HootSuite is a social media management system for businesses and organizations to collaboratively execute campaigns across multiple social networks from one secure, web-based dashboard. Launch marketing campaigns, identify and grow audiences, and distribute targeted messages using HootSuite’s unique social media dashboard. Streamline team workflow with scheduling and assignment tools and reach audiences with geo-targeting functionality. Invite multiple collaborators to manage social profiles securely, plus provide custom reports using the comprehensive social analytics tools for measurement. Key social network integrations include Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and new Google+ Pages, plus a suite of social content apps for YouTube, Flickr, Tumblr and more
  19. 19. ToolBox forEntrepreneurs Thank You! Questions?