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Feel the water know blue color


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Published in: Education
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Feel the water know blue color

  1. 1. Animals in the water. Leatherback turtle is the largest sea turtle and the fourth largest reptile after crocodiles. So named for the fact that her armor is not like other turtle shells, and consists of a thick skin and fat.
  2. 2. Animals in the water. Leafy sea dragon-sea fish is a relative of the seahorse and lives in the waters of western and southern Australia. Usually sea dragon can be found in shallow water, where the water warms up well. Humpback whale. Unlike other whales, which prefer the open sea, humpback whales live close to the coast, sometimes even swimming away in the bays and rivers. Despite its weight of 30 tons, this frisky animal likes to "dance", leaning out of the water.
  3. 3. Interesting facts about water. What is the water quickly turned to ice: hot or cold? Logically, then, of course, cold. After all, one must first hot to cool, and then freeze, but the cold does not need to cool down. However, experiments show that the ice is faster turns hot water.
  4. 4. Blue color. It is the color of intuitive thinking. Through such thinking person can delve into the depths of consciousness and organization of the world, to understand all the relationships. It's a hard, cold numbers, who calmly faces the truth. Sees the world without embellishment and emotions.
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  6. 6. Anastasiya Popravko 5.b Ostvald Secondary school