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Feel the water know blue color


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Published in: Education
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Feel the water know blue color

  1. 1. content 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Animals in/near the water (penguins) Animals in the water(sea cat) Animals near the water(hippo) Pictures(in the water) Pictures(near the water)
  2. 2.  Penguins are able to swim quickly. Penguins go in groups. The largest of the modern representatives of the emperor penguin is (height - 110-120 cm, weight up to 46 kg), the smallest - a species Eudyptula minor - Little Penguin (height 30-45 cm, weight 1-2.5 kg).
  3. 3. The sea cats are very fast animals in the water. They are very beautiful and lovely
  4. 4. Hippo live alone, but in the savannas and can be combined in small groups. If the female is ready to mate between males may start serious fights. Winner tries to attract a female marking their territory with excrement.