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Edgar iskrov 6.d

  1. 1. Feel the Water Know blue color. The Day of Water resources in the whole world is celebrated on March, 22. Water is the simplest and the most usual substance on the planet. But at the same time water hides the great number of riddles. Until now scientists are continuing to investigate it, finding more and more interesting data about water. Edgar Iskrov 6.d
  2. 2. First Fact : the cleanest water is in Finland From data of UNESCO, the cleanest water is in Finland. 122 countries took part in the research of fresh natural water. However, 1 billion of people all over the world does not have an access to safe clean water.
  3. 3. Second fact: ice quicker to get from hot water What water will grow into ice quicker: hot or cold? If to think logically, then, certainly, cold. In fact, hot water needs at first to get cold, and then to freeze, but cold water doesn’t need cooling off. However, some experiments show that exactly hot water transforms into ice . The exact answer why hot water freezes quicker than cold does not exist until now.
  4. 4. Third fact : supercooling of water Everyone knows from the school course of physics, that water freezes at 0 degrees, and at 100 degrees begins to boil. However, there is also so-called supercooling of water. Such feature is possessed by very clean water without anyadmixtures. Even at cooling below freezing-point such water remains liquid.
  5. 5. Fourth fact : at water more than 3 states Yet from school all we know that water has 3 states: liquid, hard and gaseous. However, scientists distinguish 5 different states of water in a liquid kind and 14 states in the frozen kind.
  6. 6. Fifth factor : water as glass What will happen if we take the frozen clean water and continue cooling it? Wonderful transformations will occur with water. At minus 120 degrees on Celcius water becomes superviscid or viscous, and at temperature below minus 135 degrees it turns into "glass" water. "Glass" water is hard substance where crystalline structure is absent as in glass.
  7. 7. Sixth fact: the basis of life - water Water is the basis of life. All living animal and vegetables are composed of water: animals - 75%, fish - 75%, jellyfish - 99%, potatoes - by 76%, apples 85%, tomatoes - 90%, cucumbers - 95 %, watermelons - by 96%. Even the man consists out of water. 86% of the newbory’s body consists of water and up to 50% in the are contained in the elderly man’s body.
  8. 8. Seventh fact: water is a carrier of diseases. Water not only gives life, but can also take it away. 85% of all diseases in the world is transmitted through water. Every year 25 million people die from these diseases.
  9. 9. Eighth fact: people die without water If a person loses 2% water of the weight of his body, he has a strong thirst. If percent of lost water will increase up to 10, then the person will start hallucinating. With the loss of 12% of a person will not be able to recover without the help of a doctor. With the loss of 20% of water people die.
  10. 10. Thank you for your attention.