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A successful serial entrepreneur (Peter Kutis, Onetwotrip CEO) shares his story of growing the business and gives advice to other startup founders.

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  1. 1. From $0 to $400 million Case study from course gross sales in 1.5 years Peter Serial Entrepreneur, founder and Kutis CEO OneTwoTrip
  2. 2. mate oper ations and Auto make your business more effective
  3. 3. automate operations and make your business more effective can should be For internet projects, many operations helps to automated. The software on OneTwoTrip y from staff, minimize the amount of support necessar user ing an automated system to answer many us questions. s of just 15 While the entire operating team consist y. people, 5,000 tickets are sold every da
  4. 4. Marketing should be effective concentr ate on advertising channels with maximal conversion rates
  5. 5. ctive - marketing should be effe g channels in concentr ate on advertis with maximal conversion rates ough metaOneTwoTrip advertises itself primarily th t off, so as searches. «Ineffective» searches are cu d prices for not pay for users who simply want to fin tickets. avel to certain destinations, but not buy tr site destinations can only be viewed on the These itself.
  6. 6. icy making your pricing pol intelligible - justify the cost of the product
  7. 7. cy Making your pricing poli cost intelligible - justify the of the product possible OneTwoTrip shows its visitors ratings of e a number flights, displaying the ticket price alongsid lays, factors (age of aircraft, frequency of de of quality of service, etc.). es choose After seeing these ratings, users sometim nt to be more expensive flights because they wa certain they’ll arrive on time.
  8. 8. our loyalty progr amme Make y clear, and clients will value the simplicity
  9. 9. make your loyalty progr amme clear, and clients will value the simplicity ! equal to 1% The site offers its clients reward points ectly on of the purchase for any booking made dir buy any OneTwoTrip. These points can be used to d April w ticket at any time. Between March an ne nt of 2013, OneTwoTrip paid users the equivale s euros, while a major competitor with a les 90,000 ros clear loyalty programme paid 200,000 eu mme. throughout the existence of the progra
  10. 10. Expand your audience through partner programmes
  11. 11. Expand your audience through partner progr am mes offline. To me Russians prefer to buy their tickets So da reach this audience, OneTwoTrip launche any. partnership with the «Svyaznoy» comp ted through 15-17% of OneTwoTrip’s sales are conduc Svyaznoy’s wide network of retail shops.
  12. 12. employees with stock op Motivate your tions, and competitors won’t entice them with higher salaries
  13. 13. stock options, ate your employees with motiv tice them and competitors won’t en with higher salaries e rs of the OneTwoTrip team care about th Membe personal company’s success because they have a for This ensures that key staff won’t leave share in it. competitors.
  14. 14. set priorities - profitable features first and foremost
  15. 15. set priorities profitable features first and foremost be in principle guiding your priorities should The ma tly revenue. If a given feature doesn’t direc impact on ment. affect revenue, then set aside its develop
  16. 16. think about convenience for your clients
  17. 17. think about convenience for your clients e hard to come During the holiday rush when tickets ar vital. When y, booking tickets at different prices id bu ip system purchase multiple tickets, the OneTwoTr you re the sorest fares first, and then adds mo selects that seats. Competitors, however, simply say expensive the lower there aren’t enough tickets available at leted. price, and that the order can’t be comp
  18. 18. an your competitors be more honest th show the total price immediately $ 50 thousand
  19. 19. be more honest than your competitors - show the total price immediately se to On the OneTwoTrip site, a user can choo th taxes or immediately view either the final price wi y to know ly the airline fare. This allows the compan on it can tly how much it earns on each ticket, so exac offer discounts to its customers.
  20. 20. n online ‘here and now’ A im to ear time fits coming some o don’t count on pr e on the futur
  21. 21. Aim to earn online ‘here and now’ ing sometime m don’t count on profits co in the future ort itself A startup should be profitable and supp work for the today. Don’t burn investors’ money and rket share, future (by trying to capture a larger ma etc.).
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